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Ruzzy Rust by X-DoctorGadget Ruzzy Rust by X-DoctorGadget
Been away for a while. Been focusing on making videos and playing Source FilmMaker with few We Happy Few characters (under the permission of a developer, if you wonder).
I wasted several pieces of paper to try drawing something to post here, but nothing came to my mind, until I got this guy to draw.
Conceived in my mind 2 years ago as a Rayman fan character inspired to Razorbeard, the Admiral of the Buccaneer in R2, this guy was supposed to be a captain himself of a space ship full on (guess what?) evolved Henchmen, one of which was the betrayer of the whole crew who attempted to take his place. I trashed the concept and decided to make something more original, also making this guy belong to my imaginary world. This design isn't 100% original, though.
And yes: 10 years ago I started to draw piratebots highly inspired to the enemies from Rayman 2. And I used to draw fanart of that.
In the former and "primordial" concept, Ruzzy (called initially Rusty) was an evolved razorbot with a short and fatty body with an humanoid-like face, taller than Razorbeard himself (around 1.60 m against Razorbeard's 1 m or less); he was also supposed to be, in personality, a terribly lazy captain who mostly enjoyed sleeping and eating.
But then, due to lack of inspiration, I didn't draw him.
Months ago I got the idea of redesigning 2 piratebots of mine merged as one being, but its early design got scrapped due to difficulty I met with the design itself. But that design became later an inspiration to continue Rusty's newer design. And here we have this new concept, with a different story.
Also, the jewerly on his right arm is purely inspired to a my breed of piratebots who are bearers of the Hands of Prometheus - or Titanbots as they're commonly referred. And he's linked to the sea gods.
And now a bit of story. C:

"Pirates across the space are the most terrible criminals you can even encounter. But none of them can be compared to Ruzzy Rust, the most dangerous of all. And the most feared by both space pirates and the IntergalacticPOL itself!

Ruzzy Rust, called also "The Ruthless", "The Heart-Eater", "The Titan Killer", "The Antichrist in Armor", "The God Blasphemer", "Satan's Nightmare", "Ultra-Space-Chaos-Lord", "Henchman 3000's Killer" and more is a space pirate that must be avoied at all, with the risk of getting enslaved of killed, but all his evilness comes from the same crew who grew him up: The Maniacs.
Found as a baby with no parents on an abandoned house on the planet Robotia, Ruzzy was taken by the Maniacs and raised to become one of them. But years later, to prove his strenght to the dying Captain Robossa, Ruzzy dared to face the biggest monsters across the space, travelling from a planet to another, bringing pieces of their bodies as trophies and proof of his given word. But that wasn't enough for Robossa to choose him as the hier of the Maniacs crew. And so, deciding to do the impossible, Ruzzy travelled to the planet Magonia in search of a rare and magical item that is said to give immense power to the bearer: the Heart of Poseidon. But in order to put his hands on that treasure, Ruzzy had to go to the deepest sea and fight the Guardian, a gigantic triton.
After the hard battle, Ruzzy finally took the Heart of Poseidon and suddently felt more... powerful, unleashing an enormous tsunami to test his new power. And finally, after showing Robossa the Heart of Poseidon, he became the new captain of the Maniacs crew.
And continued to terrorize the whole space".

a. Ruzzy Rust has got sharp and metallic sideboards in memory of his previous design that made him look an evolved razorbot - in honor of Razorbeard, in few words.
b. The hat belonged to a captain of a previously defeated pirate crew in the space.
c. The horns belonged to a monster Ruzzy defeated time later. Ruzzy uses them on the hat as "wearable trophy" of his brave gestures.
d. The sword was crafted by Ruzzy himself. In Draconia.
e. Ruzzy's emblem is quite reminishent of Shake King's, the final boss of Warioland - The Shake Dimension. Funny enough, he wears a horned hat like him.

Gotta draw this motherfucker again someday...
dannichangirl Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2018
Epically awesome job :D
X-DoctorGadget Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2018
Thank you very much! ;D
itzikgur Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Professional General Artist
wonderful work :)
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