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Rodney Watson Gadget by X-DoctorGadget Rodney Watson Gadget by X-DoctorGadget
I should have posted this once finished, 3 days ago, but due to commissions and work in these last days I wasn't able.

Another personal character, several designs (with badly drawn body proportions). I was also able to find the exact days of the creation of each design.
Originally, Rodney Watson Gadget was a character inspired to Dr. Ivor Robotnik, aka Eggman, from Sonic Unleashed (the only Sonic game I've ever owned), due to his interest on robotics and his great IQ, and to a character from a musical videoclip, which gave and still give me nightmares, for his clothes and top hat. Mixing these 2 existing characters together I created Rodney. Still, this is my most favorite design of all.
Originally, he was planned to be the nemesis of a my character, a "phoenixoid" called Emega.
The next redesign was mostly a concept of an his transformation into a "beastly good form" inspired to Dr. Jekyll's Mr. Hyde, with an improved athletic body - but I was 15 when I drew him, with such mistakes on proportions. XD
The following design, made in 2012, was the final look of Rodney Gadget with a more "normal" body and less weird features, like the long nose. More human-like.
(But only in 2014 I started drawing humans. Before, I was limited to humanoids, who were an excuse for weird body proportions)
The last redesign, made exactly after 5 years from the previous one, is a complete redesign of Rodney Gadget: taller, smarter, with different facial features, and with a muscled body instead of a fatty one. Also, due to my morbid interest in the game We Happy Few, I wanted to include him in that universe, reason why in the last concept I also included a mask. But he's still my original character, not a fan-made one, however. Also, even if it was unintentional, as masked he really looks like a Bobby except for the nose. XD

"Rodney Watson Gadget was born in a family and had a normal life like many other beings in the Earth. At the age of 15, Rodney met his first (and last) girlfriend, whose father, Jack, was a drunken man who gave her problems. But sadly, one night, Jack killed his own daughter and Rodney's parents in a moment of rage, leaving the young boy alone.
Adopted by "Frankenstein the Third" (not the descendant of Victor Frankenstein from Mary Shelley's book!), the only paternal uncle and survivor of the family, Rodney Gadget started to get an interest in technology and robotics, becoming so a scientist himself.
And so, Rodney Gadget started his new life as the creator of bellicose machines and even became the mayor of GadgetCity, a city build up in his name for... robots."
But how did he move to Wellington Wells, in We Happy Few world?
He simply travelled... in that alternative universe. ;P
"In We Happy Few, Rodney Watson Gadget is a scientist who's come to Wellington Wells to start a new life, without knowing how life really works there.
Being a scientinst, he initially worked as a Doctor, whose objective is to inject Joy to those who are suspected of being Downers. Nothing simple for a job like that, if it's not for him to be quite violent, forcing one of the Doctors, Terrance, to find a new job for him: repairing the Compliment Machines.
But when you give Rodney a simple robot like that, he can transform it into a deadly weapon!
Seeing the potential in his works, Terrance commissions Rodney to build robots in order to control folks in the whole Wellington Wells, also including the Garden District, starting from Bobbybots to warlike drones. But doing so, Wellington Wells gets transformed into a scary place, full of robots, with occasional episodes of Joy overdose among the inhabitants, who find the robotic beings so scary, and the Garden District being a revolutionary place of tired and rebellious Wastrels.
So, some time later, Rodney Gadget becomes the major enemy due to these inconvenients, with Dr. Terrance, his commissioner, being his nemesis and an inspirant (anti)hero for this city.
Will be able to remedy everything and prove Dr. Terrance's involvement in it?"
a. Rodney Watson Gadget is an humanoid: this explains his pale skin.
b. At the time of his first design in 2009, Rodney was planned to be 40 years old. Now 48, despite his newer design shows him younger than the first one. And being an humanoid, he lives longer than a regular human.
c. His hair are platinum and eyebrows golden. The eyes are grey.
d. Rodney is an anti-conventional guy in terms of mode, reason for which he's the only man wearing "unique" clothes and a top hat (in both own and WHF universes).
d2. In We Happy Few, due to his unique futuristic fancy clothes, he's been accepted by the whole town, also inspiring some people to wear retro-futuristic clothes and create a mode based on it. Not bad, isn't it?
e. Rodney Gadget is the nemesis of the phoenixoid Emega in Emega's Story, a short written story made several years ago.
f. Rodney's first design was reused for the short experimental comic series "The Manhunter"; he's Mike Gadget's uncle and the creator of the armature.
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coolclaytony Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
It seems like a shame to discard those old designs though. If you ever decide to do some original fiction with the character, perhapse those could be his "prototype" bodies?
dannichangirl Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018
Wow, I honestly think all four designs are so amazing and well drawn :clap:
X-DoctorGadget Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018
Glad you like them! :)
With all the honesty, the first design is my all time favorite, while the next 2 are downgraded versions due to my bad way of making body proportions. The last is a "reboot", if I can say.
dannichangirl Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2018
It's okay, they still look great to me regardless, classic 'Eye of the beholder' thing I have =^.^=
X-DoctorGadget Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2018
Probably. :)
Retro-Sushi Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Cool designs! 
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