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A Spin Doctor Cog Plushie 8O by X-DoctorGadget A Spin Doctor Cog Plushie 8O by X-DoctorGadget
Quitted We Happy Few for 2 weeks, after assisting some drama-whores/immature people keeping weeping about the Gearbox Publishing and these "greediness bullshit" and "game will be ruined" and seeing cringy fanarts I saw in the Internet (nope, Arthur Hastings being gay IS NOT a canon thing, you Tumblr people! The developers NEVER confirmed that *Gets called homophobic for no reason*). I needed a pause. I still love the game, I'll keep admitting that. But sometimes breaks are necessary to maintain the level of sanity under control when cringy people come to ruin a game community and/or its fanart due to fake rumors about a specific character being defined "gay", because someone edited the developers' response (Originally "[REDACTED]") with "He couldn't be gayer" and on Tumblr people take this as a canon thing. :/
Forgive me for this rant: I've been keeping it for months already. XD
So, while browsing the posts of people I follow on Tumblr, I found out about ToonTown Rewritten/Offline thanks to some reblogs of a my follower. I was immediately catched by these drawings of the Cogs, some of which belong to Smoking Foreman, and, after thinking twice, I played ToonTown Rewritten to give a try.
Despite the cartoonish and childish style, it's a good game to play with friends: you can upgrade your Toon's Laffs and gags by completing ToonTasks and defeating Cogs, you can freely explore the whole ToonTown and "destroy" the Cog buildings with other players... Simple, but a very good and funny game. :)
The other reason why I played? I first heard of ToonTown Online when I was a kid (around 8/9 years old, in 2003), but that time we hadn't the Internet, so I sooner forgot about it. I was catched by the advertisement, however.
Years later, well... I'm here, sometimes playing TTR/O for fun. :)
And I admit I like the game for the Cogs mostly, due to my big interest for robots in general. XD
And they have also invaded my dreams! XD

After saying bullshits, let's talk about this pic.
I drew it for... fun. :3
Originally the drawing was going to contain both a Spin Doctor plushie and the WHF Doctor, seen that you can gift Ugly Dolls (with medic clothes) to the Doctors in the game, but I ended up making only the Cog. The pins were added after my Movie Studio Platinum 12.0 got some issues and, after the reinstallation, it asked me a serial key for the activation, despite it was a pre-installed software for my Vaio PC.
So, here we got a non so amused Spin Doctor being used as a Voodoo doll. XD
Still lovely, by the way.

Spin Doctor (c) ToonTown Rewritten/Offline
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SpongeSauce Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018  Student Filmographer
It's the 1st time in my life I've seen someone in this community draw like this, looks exactly like what the game has in sight.

I hope you don't mind if I put this in my favorites ;)
X-DoctorGadget Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018
I would be honored!!!!! 
Go ahead! :)

Also, I do really love your videos! Truly funny. :)
dannichangirl Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2018
You did a really good job on the Spin Doctor plushie, excellent art style :)
X-DoctorGadget Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2018
Thank you!!! :D
Lady-With-A--K Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can’t believe you did this this is sooo cute! Wowie
I want 5 dolls of him!!! NO LIE 😍😍
X-DoctorGadget Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2017
I'm glad you really like it! Spin Doc was enjoyable to draw indeed! :D
Lady-With-A--K Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I bet he was! All cogs are super fun to draw tbh!♥️
X-DoctorGadget Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2017
And their design is more than lovely!
I'll draw them for sure! :D
Lady-With-A--K Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agreeee~

And awesome!! ❤️
FallenInkRabbit Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I still don't like the fact that people want Arthur to be gay. Like how would that help the story? It wouldn't. It doesn't matter what gender a character likes, considering it's usually never the main thing in the plot, especially for Arthur's storyline. plus a part of me also likes the idea of him being with Sally. Little childhood sweethearts <3 even tho I could never see Arthur being one of those rebellious teens like he said he was (not sure if rebellious is the right word)

But the picture is simply amazing! <3 I really love the details you add to it. I'm so jealous of your shading.
X-DoctorGadget Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2017
After wondering about this matter I recently talked to one of the developers and she said that Arthur's sexuality hasn't never been mentioned (straight, gay), so it's kinda indeterminate. However, we both agreed that Tumblr people are weird when they decide that a certain character is "canonically" for them gay/lesbo. I would agree if they put #headcanon as a tag in the picture to avoid confusion.
But I'm going to admit: the first time I saw Arthur I thought he wasn't "masculine" enough, but the appearance may fool us! XD
Same with a post on Tumblr about Samuel Beechworth: a lesbo said he was gay. I always thought Samuel was attached to the sea, so he was kinda asexual, which would be more logical.
People are free to think whatever they want: making their opinion "canon" when it's not for a game/developer is wrong. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Especially when editing a dev's post and making it look like a true source. :/
You're not the only here. HEHEHE! XD
Rebellious? A murderous nerd like Arthur makes me think of Daniel Lamb from Manhunt 2, Rockstar Games' most violent videogame - a sort of psycho. XD
Okay, this's kinda exaggerated. :P

Thank you! I'm still unsatisfied with the smoth shading, because I'd like it to be smoother. Some people use the watercolour brush to reproduce a better effect, but I still need to try it. I might try it on a future picture. :)
FallenInkRabbit Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Arthur is very thin, I'll admit that xD he's so tall but he doesn't have any real meat on him. Maybe it's because when we play his storyline, he's reduced to taking shelter in the Garden District with minimal food, so he's loses weight easily.
Yeah, I would rather say that Samuel was "in love" with the water, rather than wanting to start a relationship with anyone he encountered. And tbh I think Samuel being asexual fits him better, rather than him being gay. I just don't like people saying "canon" for anything unknown, especially because they could be wrong. Then, when they are wrong, they get upset and practically complain about how the character isn't fitting in with what they had thought up of.
I remember in the tutorial level (or the prologue) where Arthur was saying he and the Salamander was always getting into trouble and it just... I dunno, I was kinda surprised xD like our sweet boy used to get into so much trouble back when he was in school and he just seemed to be more of a teacher's pet xD

You're welcome <3 For more smoother shading, I just use the blur tool. I've tried the watercolor brush but it's never really helped me xD it gave my shading parts more of an edge almost when I went to use it to blend together some things, but it could also be the settings I have it on.
X-DoctorGadget Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2017
Thin, but pretty strong to carry an unconscious/dead Bobby. To do not underestimate him!
And pretty unusual for a nice guy like him being in trouble when younger (even smoking with Sally!).
Pretty much like me: loved by the teachers at school, but angry/mad with other kiddos. XD

I suppose they forgot about the Heart quote saying "Samuel went to sea to forget an hopeless love. He succeeded", being possibly referred to this wife Sam mentions after a mission.
From Dishonored Wiki: "He also reveals that he once had a wife (comparing her "moods" to the temperament of the Wrenhaven River), and the Heart notes that Samuel went to sea to forget a hopeless love.
So, formerly straight/ asexual. Boh.

I also use blur, but I also want/expect the shading to be more extended. Only the airbrush can reproduce that.
I tried few sketches today and yes, blur+airbrush can reproduce my wished effect. I'm going to test that on a very cringy WHF drawing I'm actually doing - cringy indeed! XD
FallenInkRabbit Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
That is true! I probably couldn't even lift up a Bobby's torso. And that's exactly what I was thinking. Such a nice boy going out and being bad. And man, there were some teachers in my school I just couldn't stand, especially my senior year physics teacher. That lady couldn't teach us anything, wouldn't answer questions, and to top it off, she wouldn't input the grades. You could go throughout the first portion of the grading period thinking you have an A, then when she updates it, you actually have a D in her class and it won't change because you don't know any of the material you're going over -.- I hated her so much I switched the first chance I got after winter break.

I never really knew Samuel had a wife. I guess that would explain why I always saw him in his boat, and occasionally in the bar. It's sad, really, when you have a lover and they they leave you, whether it's due to not feeling the spark anymore or because they've died. But, at least Samuel found a new love!

Yeah, I can understand that. Honestly, shading is my least favorite part because I can't ever get it right xD but it bugs me when I don't shade because then it just looks weird. I could never understand how cartoon artists don't shade anything, but everything they make looks amazing. But don't say you're making a cringy picture! Nothing you make is cringy <3 If I ever get around to it, you'll see a redraw of an picture I made about 5 years ago when I got into drawing xD that's gonna be cringe.
X-DoctorGadget Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017
And the Plough Boys seem to do not know him very well. XD
Physics has always given me nightmares due to my problems of attention. XD
Same with Maths and Geometry. But we got a very good teacher in high school.

Actually you can talk to NPCs and use the Heart in the spare time. Also, I used to contribute in the Dishonored Wiki for a year at least, until D2 came out - to avoid spoilers. And here I read of some details I missed in the game, including Sam's wife.
But at least, the river and the sea follow him everywhere. :)

Difficult, but entertaining. Digital painting is more painful to me.
You'll see the cringy drawing I'm making right now, so cringy that bleach won't help both us. XD
FallenInkRabbit Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I remember the leader of the PB calling Arthur "Victoria's pet", but now that I think about it, I wonder if Arthur had beaten the leader once before and that's why he was so angry. I wonder if anymore info will ever be given about them?
Oh man, physics seemed like a subject I could get down if only my teacher helped us. I remember my friend said she had stayed behind for help and the teacher legit asked her "can we do this another time? or can you just email me?" like no, honey. I need the help now.
But don't even get me started on math. Second half of my math class in the eight grade, we got a new teacher because our old one went on maternity leave. The new teacher wasn't any help. My B+ in math class went to a C- and that just started the downhill spiral of my decent doing in math. The teachers I got for the next two years were horrible, I ended up getting really sick for my junior year in high school and by the time I became a senior I was so done with everything, thinking I wouldn't graduate because I had missed so much school thanks to me getting sick and my doctor's telling me to stay home. It didn't help I didn't try harder and pushed everything to the last minute, but somehow skated by and graduated with B's and C's xD now I just have to figure out what I wanna do with my life and take up a college for it and redo that process of procrastination all over again.

I actually forgot that you could use the heart to hear people's secrets. I actually rarely used it, in all honesty. Kinda makes me wanna redo the whole game and use it more to learn about everyone, especially the sisters from that one party. And man, I still wanna watch the playthrough for D2 considering I don't really wanna buy it xD I saw the beginning part, saw the new Outsider, and just decided it wasn't for me, but I do want to at least know what Emily goes through since she was my second favorite character in the first game (first favorite has to go to Samuel <3).

Honestly, I tried to go back to traditional one day and it was just a train wreck it seemed. I still have the sketch somewhere that I was gonna color in digital, but I think I'd rather just scrap that and redo it digitally xD I think I just rely so much on ctrl+z and that I can manipulate the lines easier. But I'm excited to see your drawing <3 you always make amazing art
X-DoctorGadget Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2017
Probably. Also probably that they all used to be in the same school after the boss makes that affirmation.
That reminds me of our Science teacher in high school: she only gave us homeworks and pages to study. And a lot of interrogations. Twice the times in the whole 3 years to teach us some arguments. Nothing else. XD
I used to go very well in maths before starting the high school, but when I started it... I also started to get very low votes. I still don't understand why. Maybe I should have studied it more than I supposed to do.
Same here. I took all my time to play the game only and read notes/books, but I quite dared to listen to the Heart. I "discovered" about its quotes on specific people in the Dishonored Wiki - if you read them all there, you don't have to use the magical object in the game. ;)
But there was time I was helping with the Italian Dishonored Wiki and I had to play the game in that language and, after playing that with the Heart constantly put in the hand and taking screenshots of its Italian subtitles, I gave up. For 2 people, with one being occasionally absent, managing a Wiki alone has become too much difficult to me. And left both Wikis. And the game.
I might be waiting for several months before putting my hands on D2 - a new PC is the high priority now... just below getting a job. XD
And yep, even Samuel is a my, if not, the most favourite character, with Havelock being second. XD
Mine is more experimental drawings than art: in both traditional and digital I try to make something "new", especially coloring/shading. In traditional I'm actually attempting to make a reference on a new dragon character and, sadly, I have to redo that, because I'm not enough satisfied with the proportions. In digital... I have that cringy drawing I'm still doing! XD
But still, as time passes I have less and less wish of drawing. I'm glad you like my drawings. :)
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