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Artwork by :iconmellowtk: Check out their gallery! =D

This has been floating in my head over the past couple of weeks and I've been in a sadistic ecchi mood lately (*/m does that to me :hmm:). So I decided to let my perverted dark half loose when I wrote this up.

I left it on a cliffhanger because I'm almost considering this to be a series. Problem is, that would give me another saga to worry about. And I'm not sure how many of my watchers actually read for the kinky stuff. ^^;

I put up a mature content filter because of the nudity throughout the entire story. I'm not going into anything beyond PG-13, though.

So I'll leave it up to the readers. Should I actually continue this into an actual series or leave it as is?

Based on the positive feedback, yes. I'll make this a series. :meow:
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I honestly think you should continue this but if you're gonna put it as mature content maybe add something more then tickling?