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AVGN NC Street Fighter Redux

This was originally going to be a straight AVGN title card with it taking as much from the original title card as possible, but it became a bit...difficult to find ways to do the pose. Instead, I decided to have the Nerd and the Critic duking it out "Street Fighter" style. The Nerd reviewed "Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight" (which inevitably sidetracks to the "real" Street Fighter franchise) while the Critic reviewed a two-part review featuring "Street Fighter The Movie" and "Mortal Kombat."

Besides, having the Nerd fight "N. Bison" was too good to pass up. :p

AVGN Street Fighter 2010 Review: [link]
NC Street Fighter the Movie Review: [link]
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x-Destinys-Force-x,the angry video game nerd and nostalgia critic are bitter enemies
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Somebody was a fan of Raul Julia's kick-ass costume.
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A TGWTG, AVGN, and a KH fan........ YOU ARE A GOD!
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"Now, face my rants of nostalgic movies."
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I wish they made a videogame out of this scene... It would be so epic!!
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