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Corner brushes

For all of you that don't have corel graphics suite x3, here is a selection from corel clipart converted to photoshop brushes.
40 brushes to give corners of your pictures a little style.
Credit if you use them and send me a link so i can see and fave your work.

My main gallery:iconshangyne:
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downloaded for personal use thanks :)
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Used in this pack: [link] Thanks! :D
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These were exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for putting them up!
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Thank You again look very good!
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I used for the second time your great brushes in my new deviation:
Thank U so much :hug:
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I used your great brushes in my deviation:

Thank U so much :rose:
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Thank you very much!
X-Cerberus-X's avatar
My pleasure, i hope you will link me to your work so i can see how they turn out.:D
out-of-ideas-mom's avatar
If I turn out anything worth showing, I definitely will. I am just beginning to experiment in digital. :boogie:
X-Cerberus-X's avatar
Show it to us no matter how it turns out. Don't worry nobody will be rude or tell you to stop working in digital if your early works aren't perfect.
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OK. You talked me into it. I will let you know when I complete something. Today didn't turn out as I hoped and I haven't even had a chance to begin yet. ::(:
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Don't force something if its not going in the right direction, change your project, work on something else. And when its finished you know where to find me.:D
out-of-ideas-mom's avatar
Thanks for the support and advice. It is always appreciated!
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Hey if there's anything you need, a special brush set or a tutorial on something, feel free to ask.
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Lovely brushes, used them in [link] =)
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Thank you i am happy you found them useful.
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What about 'different kinds of old ships' brushes?
X-Cerberus-X's avatar
Old ships huh, i will see what i can do, old ships are tricky a lot of details that have to be cut i'm not sure that even i clean it up that well, but i am always up for a good challenge.
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They are very nice
X-Cerberus-X's avatar
Thanks, i know its not ok to use something from clipart, but i think there is a lot of people that don't use corel, or don't feel like making a conversion themselves.
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awsume :O
going to download them imidiatly =p
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