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What would you do...

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...with a shackled necromancer? 🤔😛
Eeeeh...I really needed a little break between commissions...aaaand an anatomy study is always...educational 😅 ( I always find an excuse for painting my OC Nelthir naked again 😁 ) Oh and golden chains were the idea of my friend, without her this picture would look...much more innocent. 😚

This is again my OC elf Necromancer Nelthir, from RP with a friend. :)

Picture in full resolution is on my Patreon.  Nod


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So hot!!! ♥

Is it just me... or is it suddenly incredibly hot in here? 🔥🥵😍
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Wait, people need an excuse to draw cute guys naked?! I've been doing it all wrong then!

My excuse is...

I need to practice the human body for the sake of posing, anatomical correctness, as well as learning different shapes and sizes!

What do you mean I always draw guys and never girls?

Uuuh... I already know how to draw girls! lol

x-Celebril-x's avatar

well not really...but my partner thinks I paint Nelthir too often haha :D

and I agree with you :) painting naked people is really great for practising drawing skills

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Throws self at him! Lol

BlueDraconis's avatar

def an easy gib me now lol

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ok... this is hot...

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Looks beautiful!
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This is so great .w. Really love it!
x-Celebril-x's avatar
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:jawdrop: OMG. So freaking sexy. Did I mention how much I love Nelthir??
x-Celebril-x's avatar
thanks! :D it is always good to hear, that I am not the only one who...appreciate him! :D
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oh dear really gotta catch up with your drawings! how do you manage to draw so muchh? love seeing them in my inbox! 

Ah well..Shrek Forever After - Happy Shrek Icon XD really love seeing Nelthir! hes always so handsome and majestic <3 

Love the way you paint and use colors!  
x-Celebril-x's avatar
haha because it is the only thing I do all the time! :D (okay + cooking and some gaming...and sleeping...I love to sleep...;D)

thanks! ^^
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well you are pretty much like me then ahahahaha (tho sometimes i am too badly lazy XD) 
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I really love the lighting in this one and the intensity of his stare...rawr! ;)
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Very nice! :nod: And yes, anatomy studies are always... educational. ;) 
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