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Tale Of Two Wolves



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"There are two wolves in each of us, a black wolf and a white wolf. The white wolf thrives on love and faith. The black wolf, on fear and hate."  Paw A story about two wolves fighting in each of us, the one you feed will prevail. This story is attributed to Cherokee Indians, it is a metaphor for our inner conflicts.  Nod 
I decided to depict this conflict by painting of my two OCs together - druidess Daeloth represents a white wolf and dark elf necromancer Nelthir is a black wolf. They represent two aspects of my personality, the good part is trying to stop the evil one.  Sometimes I feel as a nice and good person, butterflies and unicorns all around me and sometimes I am full of rage, pity and destruction, that I would transform into Deathwing and burn a half of the world if I could. Sweating a little... :D
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I like how she seems to be pleading with him. "Dear friend, will you listen, now no need to fuss like this, look at me goadamnit and sheath that blade of your, will you..." All the while he is staring dramatically somewhere off. It is kind of hilarious, which doesn't diminish its amazing beauty and magnificence and wonderful play with cold heavenly and warm fiery light and wind. To my eyes he is brimming with might, ready to spring into action right now and she seems pretty agitated too. It is alive and magical.