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My OC Nelthir as a dragon. ^^ I had a mood for painting dragons and as I really love black dragons I decided to paint my elf character as one. Fall leaf - F2U 

Other artwork with Nelthir:…
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Damn, wouldn’t want to piss this dragon of

You wouldn't want to piss a DRAGON of*. There is no dragons that are fun to piss off, not even the baby dragons.

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looks really nice 
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Wow its so amazing! I realy like it!
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Such a beautiful and handsome dragon! His face looks amazing~
The scales look incredible!
His eyes are awesome!
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thank you, I am happy you like him :thanks:
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beautiful and sexy dragon :3
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Nelthir looks already gorgeous as elf and i absolutely LOVE as dragon too! :heart:

beautiful art style! I'm in love with it! :heart: :heart:
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aw thank you! <3 :)
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OH MY GOD THE AMOUNT OF DETAIL ON THIS ONE, this is truly mesmerising, this is the kind of art I and everyone else aspires to create, you've done it, good job.

I'd say my usual catchphrase of keep improving, peace, but I really don't see anything to be improved here, it's at the top of its ladder, keep going and you'll achieve really great things! ^-^
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aw, thank you for your nice comment, it really cheered me up! :) and there are always lots of things to improve! :D
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I know you say there's always lots to improve but I'm not at the level yet where I can actually see anything that can be improved tbh XD.
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Instant watch and fave
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THis is so pretty. The lighting in the piece is fantastically spot on. ^-^
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Amazing. He looks like my Malevolent, but with hours more time invested in design. Maybe months. Fantastic job.
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haha thanks :) show me your Malevolent ^^
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