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A Night to Remember

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Sometimes I am not able to come up with a normal title for my pictures... Sweating a little...

A small break between doing commissions. This is my OC dark elf Nelthir, a rogue-necromancer I play for in D&D and whom I try to create in every single MMORPG I play. :P Here he looks so peaceful and innocent but don't be fooled, he really can be an annoying bastard sometimes. :P


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Those eyes :heart: GORGEOUS!

Pimpernel's avatar
Wow, he is gorgeous. I wonder where he got his scars from? His eyes or so captivating, too...
x-Celebril-x's avatar
thank you! :)

He got them during his escape from dungeons, where a dark cult imprisoned him. He wasn't very experienced fighter then, he was a prince, soft ang gently. He survived thanks to his rescue party ^^
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Smoldering. Joy to look at.
x-Celebril-x's avatar
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Wow. Amazing... D1o8zsm-dc0436c5-ce1f-42d5-861e-325828afba1d by Fiendcute  
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His face expression is stunning :heart:

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Excellent work, he looks great!
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Uhhh his eyes looks so amazing!
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Strawberry Do you want this ? it's a delicious and magical fruit, excellent for your health. :aww: And I have plenty of them, guy. Icon - Strawberry 

Dunno... I'm just eating strawberries, and I find his pose inviting me to offer some of those fruits. :D  
x-Celebril-x's avatar
:D I am sure he would gladly accept them :D Mini Strawberry Pixel 

I just have to ask, for his own safety, what are their magical properties as you said it is magical fruit ? Confused I hope they didn't contain too much sugar, I don't want to ruin his figure Fat Noes La 
Neranella's avatar
Hum, no, their make some chocolate pops out of nowhere. :D I hope he's not allergic ? but I'd gladly help him to get rid of that choco. :hungry:
x-Celebril-x's avatar
Chocolate? Eyepopping  You have to tell me where magical fruit like these grow!  :eager: by darkmoon3636 :D
You take a choco, give him just strawberries, he has to be in shape, so he is ready to fight his enemies Sword Tard 
Neranella's avatar
All around him, now... I've been a bit busy. :P

All right, I'll stock the chocolate, and he'll eat the strawberries. :D

Ha ha !! He can throw some berries on them ! strawberry 
x-Celebril-x's avatar
deal! :D

yeah maybe if enemies are occupied by eating berries, he will be able to sneaky behead them  :confused: 
Neranella's avatar
:rofl: A good occasion ?? I'll throw more berries !! explosive ones !
x-Celebril-x's avatar
:o (Eek)  I hope you won't swap them by mistake :D Sweating a little... 
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