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While I have not read your story yet, you have another fan due to TV tropes. :)

First heard of your story there, went to the story itself, and since it has Neji in it and the great reception it has...I'll get to reading it one day. :) . I am sure I'll enjoy.

Neji has been my favorite character for almost as long as I have been a Naruto fan, eight years now.

Hi there! :wave: I really appreciate you taking the time to drop by and leave me this message! :heart:
Oh wow. :wow: I'm chuffed to be listed there! That's awesome. :iconblushing2plz:
Thank you for giving the BtB series a shot. I hope that you enjoy it! :reading::thanks:
A pleasure to have another Hyuuga fan on board! :highfive:


You are welcome! I want to give the series a shot, since my favorite character is in it, and I won't pass up the chance to read something that could possibly become one of my favorite fanfics. :)

I know wherever you take the series, I'll like it a lot better than canon. The canon Naruto series when it hits the War arc is full of plot holes and suchlike.

And what did you think of Neji's death? Me? Badly written, rushed, and a waste of a great character. That's why I follow the path of AU fanfics these days.

Apologies for late reply, luv! Been crazy busy juggling life! :juggle: Aww. Well, if you do give it a shot, I hope you enjoy it! It is a yaoi (for want of a better word) fic, so if that's not your cuppa chai, I'd advise proceeding with caution. 

Oh god...the canon storyline...:shakestick: 

I agree with you on the War arc. I lost love for the Naruto series after the Pein Arc. That was it's climax for me. After that...it was a kinda downhill roll...Neji's death? POINTLESS. Served absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Also, it seemed a big kick in the teeth of that character, given his desire to choose a different path to his father...I'm not saying self-sacrifice wouldn't have been a good route for that character...but it was just so badly written, like you said. The dialogue was laughable and the lack of impact on the other characters astounding (I get that they're in war-mode and emotions must be held in check...but I expected something more for Neji, you know?) It was tragic, really. Added nothing to the story, only took a lot away. 

I can totally see why you'd seek out AU fanfics to give you what Kishimoto couldn't deliver towards the end of the series. There are some amazing fanfic authors out there and fortunately a lot of love for the fandom despite the route it took with regards to certain characters and arcs.
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My new obsession <3
:iconshikamaruishappyplz: I'm very happy to hear that, my dear! :highfive: Welcome and thank you for the support and interest! :blowkiss: :iconnejiishappyplz:
Haha ^^ I've been trying to get my friends to read it. They're not as in to Naruto, but I think they can appreciate the story! ^^ I love how in-character everyone is, and my gosh, the angst! Like ripping my heart to pieces little by little. Love it! ShikaNeji was originally just a crack pairing I liked, but now I ship it right behind my two OTPs from when I was younger: ShikaTema and NejiTen.