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Sailor Moon Fusion Art Contest!All right, everyone! I apologize for the wait, but in honor of Sailor Moon Eternal coming to Netflix in June, I'm now hosting my contest! I know I posted a poll a while later, trying to decide which guardian would be the subject for this contest, but now, I've decided to nix that. All of the Guardians are free for you to draw. That being said, here are the rules for this contest!RULESWhen it comes to the gender of the fusion, you're free to draw them however, but female is usually preferred. When it comes to the fusion's clothes/armor, some skin showing is allowed, but keep it PG-13. I would like your entries to be in color and full body from head to toe.When it comes to names, the first obviously has to be Sailor, but for the second part, go nuts! But make sure it's meaningful and matches the fusion. For example, say if the fusion has colors are brown "Sailor Chocolate" would be appropriate. And before you get any bright ideas, no cussing names either. For design, since it's a fusion, you're free to do as you like, but try to have some characteristics of the fusion components. For example, their eyes, hair, armor, sailor uniform, etc. I've provided images at the bottom of the journal. Use them well.For the number of entries, the magic number is four. No more, no less. Also, only one entry per category. Anyone can enter in this contest. From here on Deviantart to different platforms. In fact, you're welcome to share this contest on to Discord, Twitter, or any other place if you like. For all entries, you can send me them by commenting on a journal I posted (HERE) Make sure the image is big enough for everyone to see. We have to see every bit of what you did. ^^ Try to keep it in the Sailor Moon style as best you can. Either Crystal or the original will be fine. Those who want to take part, please either comment of fav this journal, or send me a note or chat. If you do any of the above, I will assume that you're taking part. There will be four winners for each Guardian fusion category. Those fusions being Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. Whoever has the best drawing will have the honor of picking their own prize, and it's first come first served. Once the prize is picked, you can't pick it again. The Prizes will include the followingPRIZES 30 USD,A free Commission from LittlemarshmallowCat(Click the picture to see profile),A free Commission from Nenril-Tf as long as it's Sailor Moon themed(Click the picture to see profile),A free commission from mysterygal111(Click the picture to see profile),1000 points and a Diamond Badge,The contest will go on until August 7th 11:59 pm Pacific Time until otherwise.I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys will draw. I posted references to my OC Solaris aka Harusuke Tsukino below and the other Sailor Guardians in case you need to see them. There's also a couple of pictures on my gallery too. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me! I don't own Sailor Moon or her characters and Harusuke is an OC made by me!Until then, good luck to everyone, and may the best design win!REFERENCES ,
Chinese Zodiac: Goat by Baileymel
Esdeath by Anji-Melody
Bryn the Venerer - VINGARD Concept Art by Clockweiz
Oh You're Here (Misaki from Railgun) by Heatray2009
[open] Adopt Auction #20 by Vonshia


Together we stand, divided we fall!

Welcome to the group!

Welcome everybody to X-Anime-Art-X! Thank you to everyone for visiting and joining this group!

There are some simple rules just so that everyone in the group is given a fair chance. Most of it is pretty basic stuff but I'm just going to quickly running over them. :bounce:

:bulletred:You are only allowed to submit 1 piece of artwork into the "Featured" folder a week. The featured folder is just for the front page, allowing people's artwork to be seen upon entering the group, so it should be a place to flaunt your talents with you best work.

If your work is declined from featured, do not hesitate! There is most likely a folder in the gallery to place your work in. With the rules above, this will give everyone a fair chance to be seen. For all other artwork you want to submit, click on the gallery and contribute to the appropriate folder (Unlimited at the current moment)

:bulletred:Respect others work, give feedback when needed.

:bulletred:Enjoy yourself. If there's something that needs improving, suggest it!

:bulletblack:Do not talk negative or treat an individual in the group badly. Constructive criticism is allowed. Please do not just comment along the lines of "The eyes look weird." Please give some advice on how to improve them.

And those are the four golden rules, mostly things you would think of yourselves but it will make the group a better place if people follow them. Thanks to everyone for joining this group. I know it's small and not well known, but it's the process of growing that defines our bonds and spells out the sense of achievements.

SO... THANK YOU ALL! :hug:

[P.S. Please be patient if your submission isn't reviewed on the first few days you submit it. We moderate the group as often as we can]





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