This Quiet Road

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"This Quiet Road"

Given life, wasted youth
Lost my way in middle years
No excuses, dusting myself off
One foot in front of another
Late bloomer, my season's gone
Making up for all lost time
Brightest colors, I've ever shown
Refusing to wilt and dry out

Keeping warm, youth once again
There's no sense in cold and bitter
That kills us from within
Self involved, backed in a corner
Walking along this quiet road
The sun is high in the sky
Assuring there's plenty of time
For the true destination to settle in

Finding my inner spirit, alive
Re-emerging my true callings
Setting in motion, clearing the fog
It's time to live again

© 2014, Brian Wardwell
end of 2013 sometime
© 2014
© 2014 - 2024 X-ample
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