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Hello dear Deviants,
Let's open again this commission corner, and see what happens!

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    :bademoticon: PROCESS

1. You can choose from many different types or styles of commissions. If you want something that is not on my list, ASK me and I probably will accept it. :)
2. Send me a note with your commission request. I'll give you a price and let you know how soon you can expect to have it.
3. Before placing your payment, I'll show you a rough sketch in order to settle things up. Payment is required before I do the commission. Once I receive payment, I will finish the image.
4. First comes first, and you'll be added to the list as soon as I receive your payment.
5. I'll show you the artwork at different steps, so you can make me modify things when it's still possible.
6. When digital, you will receive a high resolution version of the image without a watermark. I can send you an art print on deluxe paper (with extra fees ). The original (if existing) is mailed to you by request (shipping fees to be calculated from France to where you live).
7. Everybody is happy!

    :bademoticon: PLEASE NOTE

   Those are for personal use only. You're not allowed to sell it on any support, nor to modify it.
   I only take PayPal as you can use it even without a PayPal account. (sauf pour les Français de qui j'accepte les chèques)
   Always credit me and keep my signature on the commissioned picture, wherever you may want to use it.
   As you may notice, every added character or complex background will increase the price! But it'll be worth it.

    :bademoticon: DOs / DON'Ts

I will accept ANY commission, Yaoi, Yuri, Mature, etc... Ask me what you like most.

I will NOT , however accept any material that is uncomfortable for me to draw (such as rape, furies, lolli, shota, animals, violence and racism etc.) 
I don't offer accurate movies/comics/video games fan-arts for sale because of copyrights, but tributes cameos or crossovers are fine.
I'll tell you if the question arises.

Feel free to ask here by Commenting below, or by Note, if you have any other question !
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August 20, 2013


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