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Butterfly in The Bell Jar_ MCR :icontwitchy-spinal-fluid:twitchy-spinal-fluid 22 29
Say Hey, Josephine
♪ Say hey, Josephine,
♫ Say hey, Josephine,
♪ How do you do?
♫ How do you do?
♪ Do you remember me, girl,
♫ Do you remember me, girl,
♪ The way that I remember you?
♫ The way that I remember you?
Suns rising,
Suns setting.
Breaths taken,
Words spoken.
When you're five,
You only remember playtime,
And laughing,
And peace.
When you're fifteen,
You begin to remember deathbeds,
And crying,
And loss.
♫ You used to live over yonder,
♪ You used to live over yonder,
♫ 'Cross the railroad tracks.
♪ 'Cross the railroad tracks.
♫ And every time it rained,
♪ And every time it rained,
♫ I used to carry you on my back.
♪ I used to carry you on my back.
I'm tired of seeing your bloodshot eyes.
Your tears flow clear but stain red.
Tears over spilled milk when we were young hurt less.
Tears over losing lives cause scars.
When you tripped, I was always there to catch you.
Sorry I wasn't there this time.
:iconzomgenius:zomgenius 2 0
one night's musings
All I really need to survive is a nightlight, mac n cheese, and you. I can't ever do best two out of three; call me a perfectionist, call me what you will, call me and tell me secrets, things you've never really even told yourself. I'll sit and listen and nod at all the right times, knowing that we finally have something in common as well as completely opposite: my secret is that I need you more than you know. Your secret is that maybe you need me, just as much. And maybe we could both use a nightlight or some comfort food. Let's lay together. It'll be okay.
:iconzomgenius:zomgenius 2 15
Shaking Scared
Shaking scared.
Teeth chattering in time to alarm clocks set
Nearly there
We're nearly there
We're so close to being so long gone.
Five minutes ago fades to fifty years from now
And we're sitting on your front porch, reminiscing.
Your red cheeks were blushing,
The orange sun was shining,
You're lying in the green grass,
Staring up into the blue sky,
Watching clouds of white passing by.
We'll laugh at your sweet naivety,
And smile at your believability;
How simple things were when you had no cares,
And now you're shaking scared.
This is something you can't miracle fix.
This is something you can't pray to your gods for.
This is reality.
Baby bird, robin's egg blue
Shake, shake, shaking scared.
Inching to the edge
Crack, crack, cracking the shell.
Time to fly
Shaking scared
Miracle, please
Oh please
Dreams shattering to the beat of your pounding heart
Rock bottom
We've hit
:iconzomgenius:zomgenius 1 0




Oh, isn't that nice.
Current Residence: My kitchen. Cuz I 'share' this damn computer.
Favourite genre of music: Umm...?
Favourite photographer: Kitty!
Favourite style of art: Line art for myself, but whatever looks good really.
MP3 player of choice: I liked Taryn, but... He retired. So Thien is amazing!
So, the snakes in the title are irrelevant, since I only named it that because I had no better ideas and I was trying to fix the snake around my neck, moving on!

So I finished a drawing. I like it, actually. Speaking of drawings, I'd kinda like to put that other one up. Honestly I sorta thought I had, but I have nothing up. oh well.

I drew it a while ago, and I was proud, then. Now I think it sucks, but thats how things go. What a shame...

The thing I gust drew, I need to take some serious comp. editing tools to, though.... stupid pencil marks make it messy.

I like my handwriting on it though!

Hmmm..... Pokemon are kinda fun to draw. I'd never done it before. Well firsts for everything, I s'pose...


....Not that I have anything for you TO enjoy. Hmmm..... I still should fix that.
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  • Reading: Soundproof by SuiSiDaLNiNJaFRoGS


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Of course. I'll have you know, your amazing. ^_^
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Lmao orz that's pushing it. Lmao thank you anyways <33
Wrong! It's only the truth, my friend!
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That's Minato Arisato from the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 game on the PS2. He's actually not named in the game since he's the main character, but that's the official name they gave him. It's a really awesome J-RPG. :3
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