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Tagged by martenini!

1.    Pick a neutral color: Black, White, Grey or Brown?

White, because I can draw something in my sketchbook and barely have to colour it in.

2. What is one animal that you are afraid of or intimidated by? 
I don’t know if there’s any native animals I’m scared of.. apes creep me out because of the stories we were told in College about them ripping zoo keepers scalps off. Oh and big spiders. 

3. What is your favorite element out of Earth / Air / Fire / Water?

4. Do you smoke cigarettes/cigars? 
No fuck that.. more money for me to spend on things that won’t give me cancer.

5. What is your LEAST favorite fruit?
Bananas? Even though I eat them anyway. I think it's because in primary school we were forced to eat fruit and I always ended up with gross black bananas.

6. If you have any piercings, tell me about them:

Ear piercings. I had them done when I was like 7 and I’m constantly surprised they don’t heal up because I go months without earrings.

7. What is a song that you've been enjoying listening to lately?

[link]  Bendy gospel of dismay- I don't even play the game but I stumbled on the first song the guy did and I love them.

8. Which video game has changed you, or helped shaped the person you are today?

Hmm! Bomberman Fantasy Race must’ve been one of the first games I’ve played; some of my earliest drawings are of the louies (I used to call the game fast guys because I couldn’t read I guess). I think it was mainly games which inspired me to draw and make my own characters in the first place; mostly Bomberman, Sonic and Fur Fighters.

9. What are some staple foods for you?

I make so many curries. Also fish and chips.

10. Would you rather keep reptiles, fish, rodents, birds or arachnids / insects?

I was seriously planning on getting a snake once then got rats instead. I don’t think I’d ever get a snake now because other than being too big of a commitment (they can live like 20 years?) I don’t want that many dead baby mice on my conscience. :C UR so rodents! Even though they don’t live long. I’d like to keep animals from shelters in the future.

11. Your thoughts on Chocolate? 
I love it far too much. Dark is the best.

12. What is your favorite drink? (Not necessarily alcoholic, LOL)
Coke. And you can make it alcoholic too!

13. Ok, I know you have one.. Tell me who your favorite Eeveelution is:
Hm probably umbreon.

Whoever wants to do this is tagged. >:3

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martenini Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not a big mokey/ape fan either.. If I go the rest of my life without having a close interaction, I would be ok with that. :thumbsup:
Lemurs are an exception. 

OOH I haven't heard this Bendy song, it lives up to the first one pretty good. Build Up Our Machine is incredibly addictive. 

I'VE BEEN HEAVILY DEBATING KEEPING A CORN SNAKE.. I'm in love with the albino ones.. But I think I will wait, and if I do get a reptile I'm gonna get a Leopard Gecko.. Not sure if I'm ready to feed frozen rats/mice to snakes.. It's a new thing for me for sure. 

Dark chocolate is best chocolate.
X--O Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha yeah. Lemurs are cute! I don't hear anything about them mutilating people. :p
I know I was addicted to the first song. 

Oh yeah I love albino snakes! I like albino animals in general, they're cool. When I chose my albino rat they were careful to point out she had red eyes (I'd already noticed lol) because apparently some people don't like that. :C Maybe she thought I'd return her?? I mean I think they have worse eyesight though...but rats have crap eyesight anyway so I don't think it makes a difference to them.
I think my favourite morph are butter corn snakes. Or palmetto.

I completely forgot I was seriously considering a leopard gecko after I decided against corn snakes. They're very cute! HMM gosh maybe I would get those in the future. I don't mind feeding bugs.
Hm you have to defrost the mice too, I guess that's the gross thing. I'm forgetful so I could just imagine forgetting about it for a good few hours.
martenini Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I bet they are still decently strong and muscular but... I'm shallow and I just like their appearance more. ovo;

Albino animals are so striking and I like pink and red colors quite a bit. Red eyes never bothered me, I think they are pretty. I do think a lot of animals that have them are more sensitive to light, but I think harm can be avoided as long as your not being a dick and like shining lights directly in their eyes. I believe snakes also have crap eyesight?

OH my gosh I have not heard of the Butter morph.. they are beauty. THE PALMETTOS ARE SO CUTE oh MY GODD!!

The Strawberry corn snek morph is another fav of mine next to the albinos:…

And a very cool one are a variety of the bloodred because they can bred to look more purple:…

Leopard Geckos are also very cool because like corn snakes, they come in a lot of different morphs. 

Tremper's on one of my favorite patterns. I love how they have those wide stripes.…………

I think these other links are trempers with white or tremper-bell patterns? But yea, I really like the leopard geckos that have minimal black/spotting and I love white on them.
The only thing that you really need to consider it seems with a leopard geckos diet is that they need extra vitamins because they can get metabolic bone disease fairly easily. Then you gotta remember to pick up their food, but I've seen some people on Youtube that keep and raise their own food source.

With Snakes you do need to thaw the mice.. And keep frozen ones in your freezer.. but I guess one perk is most snakes only eat like once a week/week and a half.
I hope you don't mine all the links. ^^;
X--O Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha yeah, me too. I like primates when they don't look like primates. : D

Oh yes I forgot about that. And yeah if I remember right snakes eyesight relies more on movement? Idk. That might just be to get them to eat.
Oh my gosh the purple one is so cool.
I had no idea there were so many leopard gecko morphs! They have really striking markings. They remind me of the palmetto snakes actually.
God I did so much research into geckos and snakes and I've forgotten everything. But yeah you have to sprinkle stuff on their foods or the live bugs lol.
Haha that's true! 
I don't mind the links I love looking at animal markings!
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