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A triangular sound visualizer.
Bass is on the right, Mids are on the bottom and highs are left.

To change color or size:
Right-click the skin and select "Edit Skin"
Here you can edit Size and Color of the bars and the triangle.

Icons: Geometry Icons Pack
Wallpaper: Free Polygonal

-1.12.2    21-01-2017   
Updated: MusiColor V1.3.1 Support.

-1.12.1    20-12-2016   
Updated: MusiColor V1.3 Support.

-1.12     23-11-2016
Fixed: Perfected the bar placement
Added: Variable for Borderwidth, you can now change the width of the triangle border

-1.11 Beta       20-11-2016
Fixed: High CPU usage problem
Added: Separate variables for color of the triangle border and the Triangle inside
Added: TriSound.ini
Removed: Separate Bar and Triangle loading, its now all one skin

-1.10.1    22-06-2016
MusiColor V1.2 Support.

-1.10    19-06-2016
MusiColor V1.1 Support.
Enter the variables MusiColor or MusiColorT as colors and the colors of the skin changes based on the music.
With MusiColorT, it also uses transparency to make the skin invisible if there is no audio.

-1.9      28-04-2016
Fixed a bug where the positions of the bars would be messed up with a flipped skin and a size change.

-1.8      27-04-2016
Fixed a bug where the triangle would not rotate with skinflip=1
Removed the option to use TriSound.ini as one part because since I did not found a fix for the high cpu usage in that case you should not be using it.

-1.7     18-01-2016
You can now flip the entire skin with one variable: SkinFlip.
0 = up
1 = down

- 1.6     15-01-2016
Requires Rainmeter 3.3
Variables added for Spacing between the bars and for FFTSize, FFTAttack and FFTDecay.
code cleanup, skin size now without ghostbars :) audio bars are now correctly centred around the triangle.

- 1.5     19-12-2015
"keep on screen" now set to 0 by default so it won't get stuck halfway on your monitor and can move freely.
Color of both the bars and the triangle are now RGB codes, so no longer color restrictions for the triangle.

- 1.4     09-12-2015
There is now a variable that let you change the length of the bars

- 1.3     08-12-2015
High CPU usage temporary fix.
Size improvements 

- 1.2.1     06-12-2015
Minor bug fixes

- 1.2     06-12-2015
Colors for the triangle now available

 - 1.1     06-12-2015
Skin is now resizeable

 - 1.0      04-12-2015
TriSound released
    Not resizeable yet, I'll be working on that, keep an eye out for updates.

Archive available on GitHub
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it doesnt show up to me when I install


Just what i needed ! luv it !

I love it! great job!

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Great work! Love your visualizations. Thanks for the inspiration

Is there a multiplier I can edit?

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I share the best Rainmeter Skins on my website. Can I publish this skin at my deviantart profile and ?

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Sure! as long as you credit me and link to the original you can use, reuse, and adept it.

See the CC license:

However, I'd recommend that you link people to this download instead of re uploading it since I will keep updating this one so If I'd find a bug yours will be out of date.

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Loved it!

Keep makin more stuff like this.

i cant change the size i tried edit skin but nothing happens

what color format is it in like hex rgb cmyk etc?

when i invert the skin the bars dont invert

abi ananı sikim hiç bi işe yarmadı

can u edit this so its upside down

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