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PulseWeb Audio Visualizer

One of the many possibility's with the Clockstellation code as its spine.

Dots dance over your screen to the rhythm of your music and they appear to form 3d shapes.

The picture doesn't tell the whole story, you should see it move!!
A preview video can be found here

To change the size, color and sensitivity just right-click the skin and click edit.

-2.6      05-02-2019
Fixed: Weblines bug in Experimental pusles
Updated: Default sizing settings
Removed: TP-MinimalLineInverted
Updated: TP-MinimalLine renamed to TP-3D

-2.5      16-07-2018
Added: Weblines to HexPulse, PentaPulse and QuadPulse. WebLines connect all dots with each other forming a web of lines.
Added: DDP-Web to the experimental folder

-2.4.7    18-02-2018
Added: DDP-Room to the experimental folder

-2.4.6    22-01-2017
Updated: MusiColor V1.3.1 Support.

-2.4.5    05-01-2017 
Fixed: bug in all skins in the experimental folder where one of the dots would remain on the top left

-2.4.4    04-01-2017
Added: DDP-Butterfly to the experimental folder.
An symmetrical, 12 pointed version of HexPulse
Removed: HP-BlackNight for being way to ugly

-2.4.3    03-01-2017
Fixed: 1 Line in PentaPulse was gone
Removed: Duplicate Variables in files

-2.4.2    03-01-2017
Added: Experimental HP-Mirror, A mirrored version of the regular HexPulse

-2.4.1    24-12-2016  
Experimental PPRed changed to PPRedStar with starting positions to form a star

-2.4     20-12-2016
Added: Experimental folder with a few examples of all the possibility with the variables
Updated: MusiColor V1.3 Support

-2.3     20-12-2016
Added: Fill support for the sides

-2.2     27-11-2016
Fixed: order of the shapes, now the depth is correct
Fixed: The no-sounds position of PentaPulse is now a better pentagon
The whole skin is now one meter for all shapes

-2.1 BETA     20-11-2016
Added: Fill support
Using the new Shape= Path meter in rainmeter 4.0 it's now possible to fill the generated shape with any color you want.

-2.0 BETA     19-11-2016
Massive code simplification and optimisation using the new shape meter in rainmeter 4.0
Using lines instead of roundlines to create the lines.
As soon a the full custom shape becomes available those lines will change to one shape.
Than you will have the possibility to fill the shape etc.

-1.7     06-08-2016
Tweaked default variable setting.
behaves  more consistent to all music.

-1.6.2  22-06-2016
Updated: MusiColor V1.2 Support

-1.6.1  17-06-2016
Updated: MusiColor V1.1 Support

-1.6     15-06-2016
Added: MusiColor V1.0 Support.
Enter the variables MusiColor or MusiColorT as colors and the colors of the skin changes based on the music.
With MusiColorT, it also uses transparency to make the skin invisible if there is no audio.
Enabled by default on HexPulse

-1.5     25-04-2016
Added: DotSize and LineWidth variables.

-1.4    25-03-2016   
Added: Sensitivity and Gain variables for people with low internal volume.

-1.3    19-02-2016
Added: TriPulse, QuadPulse, PentaPulse and Hexpluse for 3,4,5 or 6 dots.
Use TriPulse for the original and best effect but some songs will do really well with 5 or even 6 dots.
Some songs can be boring with 6 so 3 would be default.

-1.2    16-02-2016
Fixed: It only got to the right side after the last fix, now it's different for every song!

-1.1    16-02-2016
Fixed: One dot kept the same distance to the center, now it's free

-1.0    16-02-2016
PulseWeb released

Archive available on GitHub
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Dude WTF I Never had such a beautiful thing on my desktop. Awesome dude hats off! I can't describe how much I love it.

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Thank you ^^ I'm glad you like it!

hello im new, im trying to make it work but i cant...

WyzzyMoon's avatar

Hi, what exactly isn't working? how far did you come?

ahyibrahim's avatar

Is there a way to make it bigger?

WyzzyMoon's avatar

absolutely, just change the "Size" variable in whichever one you are using to something bigger than 100!

no se ajjajjsajjs

itsPariz's avatar

how do i move it, is there any way to make it draggable? i cant get it to place somewhere else

WyzzyMoon's avatar

I should already be dragable but it's around a 1000 pixels big so if you have a very low res screen it might not be dragable.

You can try turning off "keep on screen", that helps

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Incredible homeboy. Ur r an artist with graphs network <3 ilov ur work.

Greetings from México

WyzzyMoon's avatar
Thank you ^^ Glad you enjoy my work!

Porra! é Br !??? PArabéns mano! mt foda isso que tu fez!, misturei legal com outras ondas aqui e ficou foda!

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Thank you :) enjoy!
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Wow! cool 👍

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cool work
I'm trying to intigrate clock skin with pulse so it can pulse only colours of clock
Can you make one for my phone, greetings from Henry the great of the Brothel with the Golden ceiling. 
is there any way i can make one rotate 180 degrees because i have the punk one on both sides of  my screen and it would look a lot better is i had one reflected so it would give like a mirror effect
WyzzyMoon's avatar
There is one in the experimental folder called HP-Mirror, if you load that and HexPulse you can get the effect you want.
Just recreate the settings from punk on both HP-Mirror and HexPulse to get the same look!
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