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Patrick Muff's Rising Bars for Rainmeter

Rising Bars for rainmeter
12 hour clock version included

Inspired by Patric Muff's AMAZING IOS lockscreen clock ( see )
All the Rainmeter code is made by me but all the credit for the idea goes to Parick Muff

Icons: Geometry Icons Pack
Wallpapers by me.

I Also made Patrick Muff's ColorFlow: Color Flow

Archive available on GitHub
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Probably just me being confused, but my bars all all the way up and not changing. How do I fix this?

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Nope, not just you. That was a bug. It's fixed now, just redownload!

dude I just realized, all I have been downloading this time are you're creations.

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haha thank you :) This one is not my idea though, patrick muff originally made this for ios, I just made a rainmeter version!

my god its all in one haha, Date, time, visualizer and minimalistic.

How to make it bigger?

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There is no individual size variable, (I should really add that) but you can adjust the individual W and H of the 3 bars. It should not be difficult to find

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THANK YOU!!! glad you enjoy it!
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how do i make it so the date is always showing?
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Edit the .ini, find [MeterDate] and change "Hidden=1" to "Hidden=0"
Than scroll down and delete all Mouse Actions under [MeterHoursBG], [MeterMinBG] and [MeterSecBG].
MouseOverAction=!ShowMeter "MeterDate"
MouseLeaveAction=!HideMeter "MeterDate" 

Than the date is always showing.
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Included in version 1.3, just re-download
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Any chance of you converting more of his stuff? I'd really love to use ColorFlow on my desktop.
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here you go…
No blur unfortunately, but it's still really close I think
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Great work ^^
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