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Patrick Muff's Color Flow for Rainmeter



Color Flow for rainmeter 1.8.2

Inspired by Patric Muff's IOS lockscreen clock ( see patrickmuff.ch/repo/ )
All the Rainmeter code is made by me but all the credit for the idea goes to Parick Muff

Icons: Geometry Icons Pack
Wallpaper: Ring

I also made Patrick Muff's Rising Bars

-1.8.2    10-12-16
Fixed the 1 second of displaying the date as 00 after a skin refresh in Date.

-1.8.1    21-10-2016
Tiny update, fixed line placement of Time.

-1.8    29-01-2016
Leap year supported added until the year 2099. It won't work from 2100 to 2104 but I don't think that will be a problem.

-1.7    28-01-2016
QD resizing added for all skins. To change size change the variable "Size" at the top of every skin.

-1.6    22-12-2015
For all the people not installing the correct font... it's now automaticly included

-1.5    04-11-2015
Added 12 Hour Clock version

-1.4    25-08-2015
Fixed a final bug in the date where the day-1 would be 00 if it was the first of the month. Now al last days show as 31 an 30 respectively. Feb shows as 28, no leap year exeptions yet.

- 1.3     02-06-2015
Fixed a bug in the date where the day would be "1" and not "01". This would mess with the positions.

 - 1.2    29-05-2015
Fixed a few bugs in next time and date where hours could say "24", minutes could say "60" day's could be "32" and months could be "13" and "-1"
They will now be "00", "00", "01", "January" and "December" respectively.
Bug still exists for last day of the month and for al next day's in moths with <31 days.
Working on it.

 - 1.1    24-05-2015
Fixed a bug in the time where the last hour or minute would show up as "-1" when the hour or minute was "00"
Bug still exists in the day of the month. When it's the 1st of the month the last day will show up as "00"
Working on it.

 - 1.0
ColorFlow released

Archive available on GitHub
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This is so great for my time-blindness! Not sure how to resize tho? Is it possible?