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MusiColor - Add sound generated color to any skin



this is just the code you can implement into any rainmeter skin that uses color values.
skin in the preview is Pulsweb (Hexpulse) with MusiColor Enabled.

Let your music decide the color of your skin!

MusiColor is a piece of code that makes the color of your skin react to your music, even if the skin itself is not an audio visualizer.
It can be used in any code and will be available as an option in most of my own skins.

To use it:
1.     Place "MusiColor.inc" in the Resources folder inside your skin folder.
        If you don't have one yet, create a new folder and name it "resources"

2.    Include "MusiColor.inc" in your skin file.
        Do this by adding "@include0=#@#MusiColor.inc" at the top of the file
        If there are already more "@ include" lines in the code, change the "0" to a number that in not used yet.
        For most skins "@include6" will be more than enough and it wont hurt if 0 would have been fine too.

3.    Use it!
        Now you can use the variables "MusiColor", "MusiColorO", "MusicolorX" and all the RGBCMY colors in place of any RGB or RGBA code, and "MusiColorA" for any A chanel.
        As an example:

        Color=255,255,255                ( white )                                        ->          Color=#MusiColorO#         (MusiColor changing color)  

        Color=255,255,255                ( white )                                        ->          Color=#MusiColor#         (MusiColor changing color and transparency)  

        Color=255,255,255,100         (semi transparent white )             ->          Color=#MusiColorO#,100         (MusiColor changing color but keeping the original transparency) 

        Color=255,255,255,100         (semi transparent white )             ->          Color=255,255,255,#MusiColorA#         (Static Color with MusiColor Transparenty) 


-1.4        01-03-2017
Added: MusiColorR, MusiColorG, MusiColorB, MusiColorC, MusiColorM, MusiColorY
New colors that only fade between shades of that color and white.

-1.3.2    11-02-2017
Added: a simple test skin I once made but never released. It makes the edge of your screen pulse and glow to the music.

-1.3.1    22-01-2017
Fixed: Description

-1.3    20-12-2016
Added: MusiColorX
Added: MusiColorA

-1.2     21-06-2016
Default MusiColor now with transparency
MusiColorO now white if no music.
Red and Blue colors are a little bit more present now.

-1.1    17-06-2016
Fixed: Flickering problem

-1.0    15-06-2016
MusiColor Release

Archive available on GitHub
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