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GeoZ Blocks II

A minimalistic geometrical skin suite.


  •     3 Audio Visualisers
  •     My other skin Clocksellation as a GeoZ Block
  •     Up to 8 CPU core Blocks
  •     Deviantart Stats ( Views, Favorites, Comments and Downloads and a Picture of the deviation )
  •     Deviantart Minimal ( Views, Favorites, Comments and Downloads and the title of the deviation )
  •     Up to 8 Drive monitor Blocks
  •     Launcher (single and triple)
  •     Music Control
  •     Music Minimal ( without the album art )
  •     Mini Album Art ( 4 Blocks )
  •     RAM monitor
  •     Time and Date

Open in the Resources folder and enter your Music player and Deviantart URL.
You can also change the size and color of the geozblocks here. All color combinations are possible


    -    2.0    21-01-2017
         Fixed: Deviantart block
         Fixed: Code Cleanup
         Added: Customizable Color
         Added: Customizable Size
         Added: Clocksellation 1.7
         Added: Geoz II Icons
         Added: New Launchers with hover effect
         Removed: Old Launcher       

    -    1.0    08-02-2016
         GeoZ Blocks Release

Archive available on GitHub
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The deviantart block isn't working for me. I put in a proper working link and it just displays nothing.