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By WyzzyMoon
A clock that always forms a triangle by connecting the dots for seconds, minutes and hours.
It's very customizable and there are countless "clockstallations" possible

I also made an audio visualizer based on the Clockstellation Code:  PulseWeb

To change color or size:
Rightclick the skin and select "Edit skin"

-1.7.1   19-05-2017
Fixed a bug where you couldn't change the color of the middle dot as noticed by ente3000 

-1.7    15-12-2016
Fixed smooth movement
Fixed old code to new Shape meter
Moved user editable variables to main file

-1.6    06-06-2016
Movement is now smother by default.
Added: variable to switch between 1 second and 1 10th of a second updates.
Freely adjustable refresh may be coming.  

-1.5     05-05-2016
Fixed bug where shortening lines would change the angle of the line.

-1.4    09-02-2016
Massive code clean up ( again ). Fixed the issues with weird disappearing to short and to long lines for good.
Added the option to shorten the distance to individual dots. Variable ShortSec ShortMin and ShortHour
Update now 1000

-1.3    29-01-2016
Added variables for: Middle point, middle lines, line width.

-1.2.1    27-01-2016
Fixed some line issues, some still exist where the Sec-Min line disappears for 1 second.

-1.2    27-01-2016
Huge code clean up and simplification. Use of Atan2 and no ATAN that caused errors ( thanks to killall-q for noticing ).
known issue: at some hours and exactly 55 seconds the line is a little bit to short, I'll try to fix this soon.

-1.1    24-01-2016
Optional dots added around the skin.
Size difference between hour, minute and second dot added.

-1.0    24-01-2016
Clockstellation released

PaperSalad on Reddit for his Lua script to count milliseconds
jsmorley on the rainmeter forums with his explanation of ATAN

Archive available on GitHub

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Well done! My man.

The perfect clock, is there a way to change the dots size?

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There is, no idea why I didn't make that an easy variable ;)

But if you open in the resource folder you'll find the "middot" and "dots" and the sizes are all difined by "Size/someting" so just change the "something" to a different divider

HAH, I can make the 369-12 bigger now.

Thank you sir.

The best clock, I love it

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hey I love your skin!

how do I change the dot color from white to yellow? like what would be the numbers? I'm kinda confused

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Pure yellow would be 255,255,0,255 They are RGBA values. So Red, Green, Blue, Alpha. So if you want to make yellow that would be Red and Green. But no blue, and fully visible. But if you want a darker, semi-transparent yellow it could be something like: 224,202,29,150. Use a color picker to find a color you like

How do I get the constellation in the middle? The third one from the left!

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Turn off the lines, dots around and middel dot. But keep the point dots, and the centerlines. So change these: Linecolor=255,255,255,0 RDotcolor=255,255,255,0 MDotcolor=255,255,255,0

how to change color?

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Rightclick and select "Edit Skin". There you can change all the colors

Nice one! Looks great.


Beautiful, work, thanks for sharing

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very sweat ;) !

how to move the object upward or downward?
cause i cant move it to upper side of desktop
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Turning off "keep on screen" will help a bit. You can never move it off the top of the screen. it needs some space around it because it needs to move around the middle
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Is there a way to make this act like a 12 hour clock instead of a 24 hour clock?
Edit: Never mind. I'm an idiot. I was reading the clock wrong the whole time. Lol. 
WyzzyMoon's avatar
haha no problem, glad you like it!
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anyway to change the size of the dots? im a newbie lol.
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not yet, will be added.
can't find download link, please help!
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love this !
how can change the size of the dot ?
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There is no direct variable for that at the moment, but you could increase the size of everything and than decrease the line length and width
download broken please fix
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