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Actual Rainmeter

By WyzzyMoon
It's called rainmeter and than almost no one measures rain.
I couldn't find anyone that did this before but there probably is though.
It is the Rainmeter logo and an actual Rain-meter for Rainmeter.

It was meant as a joke but it actually works now!
Enter your countrycode and city in the main ini file ( nl/amsterdam by default ).
And you will get the precipitation forecast visualised by the Rainmeter logo.
You can also change the colors and size of the skin.


Fixed: Rounding error

Fixed: Parsing error

Fixed: Skin not loading on startup

The API died as of 15/01/2020. Now using the wunderground website.

private update

massive code simplification and rounded water levels

Fixed errors when precipitation was 0


Archive available on GitHub
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It seems there is a problem.

Since some days I have this error :

ImageName: Unable to open: C:\Users\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Actual Rainmeter\@Resources\Images\Inside77.png (Actual Rainmeter\Actual Rainmeter.ini)

Do you have a fix please ? :)

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You are just amazing ! Thank you very much dude !

What kind of changes have to be made for US cities? wunderground for my city also includes the state code in its url, which seems to be causing the rainmeter to not find the url correctly

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hmmm correct. It's not ideal for US citys, however entering both country code AND state code as "country code" should work. as an example for washington: Countrycode: us/dc City: washington

or you can edit the full url directly in

where i can find my country code? i'm from italy

Genius, I got it instantly, good time

Does it work offline or will rainmeter not load when startup if im offline?

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it will load offline but needs internet to predict the weather

I get an error:

RegExp matching error (-1) (Actual Rainmeter\Actual Rainmeter.ini - [MeasureData])

How can I solve this?

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Website changed it's code which caused the parser to fail.

Fixed in version 1.4.2

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Best weather skin.

Many thanks for the update !
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Just a little problem : The skin doesn't load when windows starts.
Any idea about that ? :)
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You're right! It's fixed in version 1.4.1!
It seemed to have something to do the fact that the skin was named "Rainmeter.ini" which is the same name as one of Rainmeters core files. That probably confused it.
It's now named "Actual Rainmeter"
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Perfect ! Thanks again !
every time I restart the pc the Actual Rainmeter skill is not present I have to load it every time, how can I solve it thanks ....
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Fixed it in version 1.4.1, please redownload!


It's really amazing.

And this skin working. Wow#2

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Thanks! enjoy!
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This skin doesn't load when changing to a layout that has it saved in it.
What a creative idea, so awesome :D (Big Grin) 
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This is great! ''From great minds comes great things'' ....Thanks.
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