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Digimon Tamer Controversy Meme by Wyvernsaurus Digimon Tamer Controversy Meme by Wyvernsaurus
You're seeing right folks. This here is my first meme made, more specifically a Digimon meme. I was kinda enspired to make this after seeing other memes around the internet and I couldn't find one that involed a character outside of the Digimon franchise given a Digimon partner. At least I couldn't find one that didn't involve Digivices and Crests. So with that, I made one where one doesn't have to worry about the two.

Now if you're wondering why the meme only has two blank boxes, one for the Tamer and one for the Digimon. One reason for that is so one does not need to worry about using the different levels of the chosen Digimon that they wish to use. Another reason is that this is a version one, and that a version two will be coming up and will have blank boxes for the Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and Mega levels for your selected Digital Monster.

Now with that out of the way, here are the rules. Probably no need to explain the rules, but you can't be too prepared.

1) The Tamer, or Digidestened, must be a fictional character (be it from western animation, anime/manga, comic, live action, video game, OC, ect.) of your choosing, just as long as said character isn't already a Tamer/Digidestened (Meaning no Tai, Davis, Takato and so on).
2) The Digimon partner must be an official one and not an OC Digimon.
3) The Digimon partner can be any level you wish.
4) The recommended number of partners is one, but you can choose two different Digimon as partners if you wish, even three if three can fit in the blank box on the right.
5) If you wish, you can mention what your Digimon digivoles from and/or into.
6) Remember to mention using my meme in the comments and to give credit of the meme to me.

So with that, you're good to go.

I do not own the Digimon franchise or the picture used as the meme's background. But I do own this meme.
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LadyLambdadelta Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2017
I've got something I've been wondering about for a while now, where does the controversy bit come in?
Wyvernsaurus Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2017
To tell you the truth, I mainly added controversy because I saw it on other memes.
That, and I felt that 'Digimon Tamer Meme' didn't feel long enough.
ElectronicKangaroo Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017
This is Electric Kangaroo from Fanfiction.Net!

My suggestions:

Zap (Skylanders) and Gesomon

Chowder (Chowder) and Impmon

Chell (Portal) and Guardromon

Wheatley (Portal) and Numemon
Wyvernsaurus Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017
They are up!
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