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Two Kinds Poster/ Book Cover

By Wyvern088
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Needs a better title... perhaps 'Revenge of the Furries'?

Ive been working on this on and off for almost a year.... and DAMN did it pay off. Im not going to go through my usual nitpic myself routine. If friggen ecstatic with how this one turned out.

EDIT: I cannot spell apparently fixed version now posted as well as one without text: [link]
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MX420 series
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so cool, could be a DVD case as well =3

awesome work buddy
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Thanks, I was originally thinking I would post actor's names and such on the poster, but decided that was A bit too much trouble.
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yeah guess so, but it really would fit though =3
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You have every reason to be!
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Thank you, and for the many favs and watch as well!
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Thats what I aiming for, thanks! and again for the fave
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Man, "Lord of the Furries" works great here.
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Ha, it could work. Thanks for the faves by the way.
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If TwoKinds got a Big Damn Movie, you should do its poster art.
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I really couldn't see Two Kinds being 'a' movie, too much going on for a single film to be successful. (Look at disasters like 'The Last Airbender') I was working on this in particular with the mindset of a trilogy; this being the second installment.

But to suggest little old me doing poster work for a major film... wow! That would be amazing. I really appreciate the sentiment
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Pretty cool!

It's spelt Basitin btw
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Wyvern088's avatar
fixed... also posted one without text for me to fuck up.
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Why would furries need revenge? They've killed enough humans already.

Also, nice cover.
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Just something random that popped into my head. and thanks.
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I am speechless. :jawdrop:
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wow, thank you!
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Wow Wyvern this is really fantastic.
You are getting to be a great artist.
All of the characters look great, and the reflection on the king's sword is perfect.
Wyvern088's avatar
I'd been working on this one for a loooong bloody time. I think I started in April actually.
I really do appreciate that though. I do aim to please after all.
Kealanah-Sterling's avatar
Well all you're hard work shows.
This is a fantastic piece that deserves all the praise it's been given.
Wyvern088's avatar
shortext comment I've ever seen. Regardless, thank you very much.
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DAMN! This is friggin' amazing! Impressive on all counts across the board, you my sir are amazing!
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