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hey look, I actually drew something decent! Kinda messy, but Im happy with it. More to come (hopefully) soon!
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MX420 series
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DarthKeidran's avatar
This is amazing! If I should say anything: it’s perfect!
Wyvern088's avatar
Thanks. I'm not sure I'd go so far as perfect, I don't think it's aged well, but I am glad you like it.
HeckobA's avatar
Did I ever mention I really like this? Because I do
InfiniteMirror's avatar
You forgot the muzzle.
Wyvern088's avatar
Its not as visible as I would have liked, no. There was only so much I could do with the perspective so I tried to imply it :/
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minecrafroger's avatar
persinly, i find the bich [female dog definishon] bether.
JABallistic's avatar
Learn to spell. I counted 4 mistakes in one sentence.
Kealanah-Sterling's avatar
I know I never commented this because I couldn't quite find the right thing to say about something is beautiful.
Its not just the artwork but the message you have here that makes this so great. She is a pretty woman with a fantastic reflection. I love the effect of the ripples in the water you made at her feet.
Then the lighting, like under moonlight which is beautiful.
This is fantastic piece entirely.
Wyvern088's avatar I'm not really sure how to respond to that. Thank you.
Kealanah-Sterling's avatar
Just keep drawing, that's all I ask.
You are very welcome.
CHAOKOCartoons's avatar
Don't be modest, this is great! The form and colors are top-classed and I also like the type of line art in general.
Wyvern088's avatar
Honestly I'ts that thing where it looks worse to me than it does to everyone else, you know? I end up noticing all the minor little flaws, mostly because I know where to look.

Regardless, I really appreciate the feedback, and the Fave too.
CHAOKOCartoons's avatar
Always give credit where credit is due
yearofbacon's avatar
freat work!! I have´nt seen such a awesome 2k fanart since months!
Wyvern088's avatar
There's more coming soon. Thanks for the fave by the way.
DxDspensin's avatar
it's a bird! it's a plane! no! it's awesome ^^ ! [fav]
Wyvern088's avatar
Many thanks to you good sir!
werf06's avatar
Kinda hard to fav on mobile > <
This is simply amazing :) here, and take my fave :D
Wyvern088's avatar
thanks, whatever works right?
ZombieDrink's avatar
I absolutely love this XD
Wyvern088's avatar
Thanks, and again for the Fave!
Marseth's avatar
Aww I was just thinking about her <3
Wyvern088's avatar
Good timing on my part then, Thanks for the Fave by the way.
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