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Natani Just Needs Some Lovin'

By Wyvern088
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I promised myself no more fanart for a while.... I lied
and TWO random cat girls at that...

anyways fanart for the webcomic TwoKinds [link] If you dont get the joke here, go read the comic... It is indeed worth it


Flora and Kat thought that Natani was always so grumpy 'cause he diddn't have any freinds... well none of the female variety that is. they're just being friendly ( Kat in her unique way)... If only they knew...
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I wonder what's the Natani point of view ^^
It's just so cute!:)
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"should my tail be doing that?!"
thank you so much
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This is just adorable :33
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by god....this is F**KING AMAZING (i don't say this a lot)
Wyvern088's avatar
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no problem, for your art is too good to be hated on
Wyvern088's avatar
You're too kind. Thank you so much.
Nazo-the-Keidran's avatar
(epic nosebleed) <WTF!?!?>
Bleedmanian13's avatar
You do a GREAT Flora!!!
Wyvern088's avatar
thank you,
ive been maning to draw her again for a while now
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Awesome!:clap: :clap:

Great fanart. You caught their faces so well. I'm jealous. =)
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someone gonna get raped 8D
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This is just to make it clear!

Natani is the male mind in a female body and Kathrin is a extreamly over sexuall female.
Wyvern088's avatar
could have posted a spoiler alert, but Yeah that sums it up.
swedenrock5's avatar
Sorry I forget spoiler alerts alot of times!
swedenrock5's avatar
Oh I like the fan art!
Though Natani is supposed to be oddeyed.
bart95's avatar
indeed, if only they knew :evillaugh:
Wyvern088's avatar
but would Kat care either way?
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ah, so because Kat is male in mind and female in body, would it make him/her a lesbian? :/
or if someone else fell for her female body would it make him gay?
my brain hurts @-@
Wyvern088's avatar
no simply.. would Kathrin care that Natani is a she...
bart95's avatar
Wyvern088's avatar
... what just happened to this conversation?
bart95's avatar
I honestly don't know.
Wyvern088's avatar
why do you keep posting random peoples avatars?
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