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  • Listening to: Boudewijn de Groot -Het Land van Maas en Waal
  • Watching: Dreaming?
Well… today…

I got op.. eating breakfast wile watching the newspaper: "Tour de France News: Rassmussen out the tour"… what?!.. readed it again… "Rassmussen out the tour"… what?!.. readed it again… "Rassmussen out the tour"… what?! Well… for 5 times… and then asked my mother about it… confusing… confusing! confusing!! He's doing great! Well that was my first "not getting it".

The day where boring… the evening… …… I thought the morning where confusing… it did not…

Do you had ever a day when you keep hitting yourself in the evening because you think you are dreaming… you felt like the earth itself turned… felt like the sky turned green and the grass turned blue and is seems allright with someone?

Maybe no one read this… maybe I am indeed dreaming…. Or maybe tonight we got invaded by Martians. How strange it may look to you readers… It feels almost comforting normally to my now….

Lucky for me. I have friends who all think its also "not normal". Especially the evening story. I simply can't get it… don't understand it. For Dutch watchers… I feel like being in the song of Boudwijn de Groot: Land van Maas en Waal
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July 26, 2007