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  • Reading: Job Cohen - Binden
  • Watching: Tour de France
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Summer... what a wonderful time again. Bad for creating art but so good for getting inspiration! More art to come eventually!
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  • Reading: Job Cohen - Binden
  • Watching: Discovery Chanel
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Someone just recently said about me logo and work the positive altitude is has and the positivity of the work I tried to "get" out. That where a big compliment! I surely hope my work has a positive view! Hopefully that always be so into the future as well!
  • Listening to: Vanessa Williams - Colors of the Wind
  • Reading: Flow
  • Watching: Star Trek
  • Playing: WoW
  • Eating: Bubble gum
  • Drinking: Thee
Onces again busy with creating an brand of my own. Creating brands had been the keystone of my work, but doing it for myself is the most difficult job in the world.

I let go the colors I used to use for myself. And try to make something fresh and new. For customers just a part of my job... for myself its the most difficult one.

But once again I did it, at least I hope...

Soon to find here, on DeviantArt!
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  • Reading: Flow
  • Watching: Star Trek
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On the road of creativity
The cars walking with umbrellas
The Fish are Singing
On the Hum
Of the Sun
The Birds are Fishing
For Compliments
About the Singing
Of there Wings

And on that Road
I will be Walking
In the Sun
Of Details
  • Listening to: Radio 3FM - Serious Request
  • Reading: The Yoga of Time Travel
  • Watching: Star Trek
  • Playing: WoW
  • Eating: Suikerbrood
  • Drinking: Coffee
Run into some old works! Some nicely of it so I have put it on DA.

Nice memory's around the art. How fun life can be!
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  • Reading: Architectur now! 6
  • Watching: Draadstaal
  • Drinking: Thea
Color and details are so important for a great piece of art. But also is inspiration. You can get it from music, other art, movies. Or the not standard ways, different from people to people. Also the sad and bad wonders of life can work greatly to inspire great works of art.
Putting up many works lately. Most of them where already "on the bookshelf". Other pieces of art where made lately.

That's a little bit of a change… what a wonderful way of creating art by "get it out". Negative energie making positive.
Bend the strings of time lad's!
  • Listening to: Shakira - Men in this Town
Music, what a great power it is.

It sure makes the creativity flowing. Different  music makes the creativity flow in different directions.

I guess never to know what kind of music is the best... creativity flows with pop, rock, dance, jazz and classic.

Someone should get a study on to it...
  • Listening to: green day - 21 guns
  • Reading: speed on skates
  • Watching: Heroes 4x04
  • Playing: Guitar
  • Eating: Choco's
  • Drinking: Ice Thea
Holiday is in town! So, getting work done this week... it has been a long time.

Some great things have been, and some great things are comming up. Has been is a wonderfull rock concert of green day who are rock heroes for sure. Comming up is the dvd and blu-ray release of the wonderfull reincarnation of Star Trek by JJ.

More is comming up, as always! (it only can take some time.. ;) )
  • Listening to: the sweet sound of life
  • Reading: the sweet words of deviant
  • Watching: the sweet pages of deviant
Wake me up when September ends Green Day said.

Well I guess you better can get me to sleep before September ends. October started and the weather got windy, rainy and coldy. And the worst part is; it is getting dark very soon.

Let's get all drunk and make some art…
  • Listening to: Milk Inc. - Run
  • Reading: Concepting
The summer is comming to an and. After a few inspiring hot and relaxing weeks last week where the first of many new weeks to come. Hopefully even inspiring.

Can't wait for the summer to begin again...
  • Listening to: Jennefer Lopez - Una Noche Mas (waiting for tonigh
  • Reading: Barack Obama - De herovering van de Amerikaanse...
Many designs online now!

Put many designs online I made the last years! Many practical design because of that. Many logo and website designs!

Also having some design news...

First I want to make more traditional works so more sketches and non-digital art will come online in my deviant.

Second, also working on some multimedia project involving video and sound design. So also more interactive works will come online!

Third, will get an (Dutch) update. Also my teaching will get a place there.

And last but not aafter all not least; STAR TREK IS COMMING TO AN THE BIG SCREEN AGAIN!
Totally freaking out about that fact.... so... art abou that will come I guess!
  • Listening to: The Killers - Human
  • Reading: Holly Grail and Holly Blood
  • Playing: Mario Kart / WoW
Once again...

It has been some time since I have made some new artwork. The time and energy wasn’t right lately. Also, inspiration where low.

But... ideas where born anyway. Just could get them from what I see into my head to the (digital) paper. But now finally I, I’ am out of my "designers block". At least I hope so.

Got the opportunity to learn youth also the wonderful work of designing and especially learning them to work with those magnificent tools Adobe has made possible.

Adobe should made a "Swiss army" version of there software so we can use it all time everywhere.

Working on 10 works. So... artwork coming up!
  • Listening to: Muse - Knights Of Cydonia
  • Reading: J.R.R. Tolkien - Children of Hurin
  • Playing: Guitar Hero 3 on the Wii
Happy 2008!

Put up a lot new (and very old) works on deviant! Also have put on a new wytseworks website! Have fun!

Make it so!
  • Listening to: James Blunt - One Of The Brightest Stars
Very buzzy day's lately. So almost no updates. More is coming but here are 2 new works. Again, one from the heart.
  • Listening to: Ks Choice - Virgin State of Mind
Some new artwork posted on gallery.
  • Listening to: Boudewijn de Groot -Het Land van Maas en Waal
  • Watching: Dreaming?
Well… today…

I got op.. eating breakfast wile watching the newspaper: "Tour de France News: Rassmussen out the tour"… what?!.. readed it again… "Rassmussen out the tour"… what?!.. readed it again… "Rassmussen out the tour"… what?! Well… for 5 times… and then asked my mother about it… confusing… confusing! confusing!! He's doing great! Well that was my first "not getting it".

The day where boring… the evening… …… I thought the morning where confusing… it did not…

Do you had ever a day when you keep hitting yourself in the evening because you think you are dreaming… you felt like the earth itself turned… felt like the sky turned green and the grass turned blue and is seems allright with someone?

Maybe no one read this… maybe I am indeed dreaming…. Or maybe tonight we got invaded by Martians. How strange it may look to you readers… It feels almost comforting normally to my now….

Lucky for me. I have friends who all think its also "not normal". Especially the evening story. I simply can't get it… don't understand it. For Dutch watchers… I feel like being in the song of Boudwijn de Groot: Land van Maas en Waal
  • Listening to: Avril Lavigne - he wasn't
  • Watching: Heroes - Chapter 13
Where do we get inspiration from? And what absorbes inspiration? What should you do when some of the works you make absorbes the inspiration because it is no longer art wich you look happy upon? Trow it of Deviant, or leave it and just post new....

Wel... I don't now.... what would you do?
  • Listening to: Gabriel Rios - broad daylight
Without sunshine outside... its inside my head!:D Without reason! Well gettng inspired by the weather anyone... gat an wonderful artwork of an umbrella in an thunderstorm in my head... now "only" get it to paper.
  • Listening to: Hilary Duff - Underneath this smile
  • Eating: Chocolat
"In that book which is my memory, on the first page of the chapter that is the day when I first met you appear the words, 'Here begins a new life.'"

Maybey I just placed it on the wrong bookshelf.
  • Listening to: The Vines - SpaceshipDelain - Frozen
  • Eating: (in 5 minutes.. ;))
Did another pencil artwork... well I have to take all of your advises seriusly. Its not good, and... I have not fun doing it. Especially the alst was not fun to do. Sketching with a pencil is nice to do. Making something that just nog gets is is not how is should be.

More manga comming up. Got an Hilary Duff version inside my head and want to make an manga version of a speed skating friend of mine.

And... somedays it gets to you clearly. Leave some thing as they where and start putting energy in something worth it. With the step from pencil to manga, but more in some things in life.

Take care.