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How do You Define friendship?
Friends are there when you need them.
Most importantly you can talk to them about almost anything
Because they care.
Not what you say
But because you say it
Because you care
Friends are there when you feel alone
So you don't feel alone
So you don't feel forgotten.

My definition of friendship is different
Not because I want to
Because I needed to
Needed it to change
So i still had friends

But the loneliness where still there
And when I want to talk, when I needed to talk
It just remained silent
I accepted it
Because my definition had changed.

Did I?
Did I want to change it?
Did I need to change it?
I changed the definition
Because i did not want to change
Did not want to accept

I have changed
The definition has changed back
Back to what it where
Back to what it should have been
Back to what it is

When i am lonely
I just feel alone
When i need to talk, wanting to talk
There is still silence
Nothing changed,
Only me

Sorry they say, we are just so busy
Sorry the say, we just forgot
We just don't have time to listen, time to care
We just forgot to listen, forgot to care

They are just so busy
They just forgot

I'm just feeling lonely
They just so busy
They forgot
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October 2, 2011
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