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A Remark You Made

Starting to work out of my drawing funk... ^^;

Ref photo used with permission from JohnPeri's gallery.  Title lifted from a tune by the fusion jazz band Weather Report.

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Untitled 1061 by JohnPeri

11x14 pen/ink brush on Bristol

See ya! :peace:


Artwork is Copyright © 2011 Wytherwing

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kevinroberts's avatar

Stunning! The ink work makes it even more striking, graphic, dramatic, bold lol idk It's awesome though.

Wytherwing's avatar

Thanks so much my friend... I really appreciate that! :) And thank you as well for faving... cheers! :beer:

MirrorKhaos's avatar
Wytherwing's avatar

:) Thank you very much, and also for faving!

MirrorKhaos's avatar

You're most welcome.

Kuato-Lives's avatar

I feel ya on the drawing funk. Just starting to get out of mine.

Love her expression!

Wytherwing's avatar

;) Amen to that... and thank you for the compliment! Cheers! :beer:

skyraidernimrod2's avatar

Damn, I know that drawing funk is real...been fighting it this summer! GREAT new work! I dig your version over the photo! Leaves more to the imagination!

Wytherwing's avatar

:D Yeah it seems like I'm always in some kind of drawing funk... got other life obligations that keep my attention elsewhere and not on creating new art.

And thanks for the awesome compliment and :+fav:. Just to be clear this drawing is about 10 years. It's been re-posted with a better quality scanned version. Happy to know you like it.

Cheers! :beer:

skyraidernimrod2's avatar

Doesn't matter how old it is, it's still groovy as hell. I use photos as models for scenarios and characters as well. But I love your limited palate and your use of light and shadow. RED77art is a good friend on DA and he does somewhat similar work but in his style. LOVE his work too. He's does a bunch of commissions for me.

Reality limits my fantasy art more these days as my family and I get older. But creating art is my release and it's brings me such joy and escape from life. Definitely keeps me sane during these uncertain times. Never stop! Stay groovy!

Wytherwing's avatar
FullmetalRoccia's avatar

Bellissimo lavoro come sempre <3

Wytherwing's avatar

:) Thanks so much... cheers! :beer:

charmeurindien's avatar
Wytherwing's avatar
charmeurindien's avatar

you are very welcome :) :)

GreenStranger's avatar

Your work is stellar! Reminds me a lot of that artist from the 80s whose drawings frequently appeared in barber shops. Nagel I think. Keep up the amazing work!

Wytherwing's avatar

:) Thanks so much for the compliment! :nod: Patrick Nagel is a strong influence on my drawing style, so I really appreciate your comment... cheers!

btw... I took a quick peek at your gallery and your art looks very cool. :nod: I'll plan to stop back for a longer look when time allows :gallery: ... have a great week!

Tinselfire's avatar

Do you use masking tape, just a ruler, or do you have crazily steady hand?

Wytherwing's avatar

:D Without my trusty T-Square and ruler I'd be completely out of business ;)

My thanks to you for your question... it reminded me to post this photo of the various tools I use for my artwork...

My Art Tools


Tinselfire's avatar

In that case, can I ask you something tangentially related that I've wanted to know but been too shy to ask?

Wytherwing's avatar

:) Sure... send me a note and let me know what's on your mind.

Tinselfire's avatar

Oh! o.o Not shy for those reasons.

I was just wondering, how on Earth do French curves work?

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