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How To Draw Hair


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Hey guys!
New tutorial is here:)
One of the biggest drawing pain for me - hair;P
Hope it can help a bit! Enjoy:)


Learn my ways how to draw!

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How long does it take you to draw a full body character at that level of detail?
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Thanks so much for the detailed steps how to draw. This will help a lot! Thanks for the tutorial so much! :heartjump:  
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umm...may i ask where did the line art go..?
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I always paint over the lines in my works. If you want them to stay visible just keep the lines layer on top and paint under.
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Sure, thanks, right now i'm changing my art style to more painting-like :3
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Thanks, this looks interesting, I'll have to try it! :)

Quick question though, just to make sure I understand your process, is step 2 just for planning out the shadows and highlights and not actually merged  into later layers? (i.e. Step 4 doesn't use softened & multiplied versions of these layers but we would use them at this stage to guide where we're applying shadow and light?)
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Hey, sorry for late reply.
You are right, step 2 is just actually to clearly show where light and shadows go, actual applying them starts in step 4. Sorry, I should have put step 2 as an information tip maybe and not as a step:)
Hope I could help:)
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Hi, no problem, thanks for getting back to me! :)

Thanks for the clarification! :D
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You're welcome:)
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This is super useful
wysoka's avatar
Glad to hear that:)
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thanks! really nice tutorial :) :icondevartshare: has accepted your submission :D (Big Grin) 
I want to use this!
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