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How To Draw Folds

By wysoka
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Hey guys:)
Here is the newest tutorial!
So sorry that I upload it today, I was on a trip and didn't expect I will get home few days later. Hope you didn't wait too long:)
This one is about basics, I'm planning to do a few more tutorials in future about clothing.

Hope you like it!

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Bruh... i love you tysm
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Im just getting the hang of folds, 

why does it feel like ive found the key to life
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Very beautiful clothes! It is amazing! A wonderful tutorial, thanks a lot. :squee-love: - PLZ 
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Amazing ◠‿◠
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I love drawing folds! :D But.... I tend to get carried away because of my love for them. BD;;; After seeing this, hopefully it'll help me tone down on the folds a bit and do it a little more realistically. XD; Thank you for whipping this up to help your fellow artists! :heart:
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I hate drawing them!:D But I'm happy this tutorial is useful:)
lonesome-wolf-child's avatar
Lawl. XD That's kind of ironic. Hahaha But yes, so far so good. :D Haha Thanks again! :heart:
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Thanks so much for the tutorial! I absolutely needed it!
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You're welcome:)
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thanks for the tutorial.
It really helped alot
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You're welcome:)
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