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[Poem] they dont know
Heavy implications of attempted suicide (in dreams) along with major depression.
whispers in mind, the heart twists
as if burned, but tell me "you're okay"
tears fall, arms grow cold,
the room is full, but im empty
i see their faces, excited expressions
yet it dies so quick, so dauntingly sad
as if disappointed, as if they're gone
i am the stranger, to them alone
you hear about romances,
about the tragic or heroic,
but what of friendships? that survive
or fade like the memories that change,
from fond to bitter with lack of love?
these memories burn, like poison smiles
tears and fear, and,
it leaves a bad taste like medicine
and an ache -- a yearning of sorts
she says to me, "are you okay?
you're important to me and,
we've been so worried about you"
and i smile and nod "im fine.
really, i am," a lie off my tongue
they know of my demons,
that whisper to me, to ruin my life,
that wants to tear me to shreds
they think they know them
but they d
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[Poem] Her Sunken Heart
his screams stay in her mind,
the implications heard over the shouts
in their argument,
"you're such a child"
"why aren't you more like her"
"she's so calm and mature"
well, good sir, you clearly don't know her
best friend, and now, she understands,
she sees her naiveté, sees the pure
manipulation that rebound off the walls
like reflections, clear as night and day,
sees that his lies have taken a toll
on her now broken heart,
she sees through the burning tears in
her eyes that blurs her sight,
the tears,
they don't stop like how he compares her
with her eternal friend
as if she was
               but a mirror
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[ToA] Nadia's Journal: Event I
Word Count: 777

< Nadia's Journal >

~ Event 1 ~
x || Current Entry || The Next Event || x
"Oh hey! You found someone's journal in the medic area.
The entry's date is in September. That must've been during the tournament.
Will you snoop through and read it?"

<Yes> | No

Aletheia's Tournament, Event 1

September, 20xx

Dear Casey,

    Aletheia's Biannual Tournament has arrived. You probably know this without you even being here, but I'm not going to be joining it. I'm already in the military as an enlisted medic, so it's pretty easy to know what I'll be doing during the event! I think I'm going to be busy with treating injuries, especially when the whole fighting starts, y'know?

    It's fascinating to witness the magic tournament, though I'm not fond of violence. I keep telling myself that it's all a learning e
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[Redraw] Purple-Loving Brunettes by WynterArlene [Redraw] Purple-Loving Brunettes :iconwynterarlene:WynterArlene 3 5 [ToA] Nadia's Journal: Table of Contents by WynterArlene [ToA] Nadia's Journal: Table of Contents :iconwynterarlene:WynterArlene 1 0 [Tales of Arcadia] Nadia Voronina by WynterArlene [Tales of Arcadia] Nadia Voronina :iconwynterarlene:WynterArlene 6 0
[LYTTW] Prologue
"They aren’t family of mine if they threaten to leave me to the wolves. If they were family, I wouldn’t consider leaving them behind, either, but if I had moral principles, I wouldn’t have thought about it at all, to begin with. So that’s why I left them to fend for themselves."
♠ Death, Murder
♠ There will be a lot of cursing.
♠ The story will mostly be published on Tumblr
Left  You  To  The  Wolves
P r o l o g u e
     I will never forget the day where I sentenced my mentor to death.
     Sure, I can go off saying how it started from a harmless mistake, but that doesn’t change anything about the matter asides for being a technicality. What stayed with me to this day, was that Captain Frost p
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[PKMN-Cove] Laila Everest 2k17 by WynterArlene [PKMN-Cove] Laila Everest 2k17 :iconwynterarlene:WynterArlene 1 2 [Quantum Rose] Cabin Mate Lietta by WynterArlene [Quantum Rose] Cabin Mate Lietta :iconwynterarlene:WynterArlene 3 0
[Go To Sleep] Prologue
"Things have become too problematic for Callysta in the winter of her first year in high school. A change in living arrangements, a change in demeanour – all thanks to the seemingly increasing family drama and personal issues."
♠ Depression/Anxiety
♠ Mentions of Death & Implied Suicide
♠ The story will mostly be published on Tumblr
G o   T o   S l e e p
P r o l o g u e
“I’m tired today. It’s nothing new -- really, it isn’t.”
    The girl opened her eyes to the blinding light that shined down on her eyelids. She squinted with dark blue eyes as she realised that the culprit was simply her lamp which sat atop her small, wooden bedside table that held mindless carvings from childhood. The lamp&
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