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Hello, I'm a Wynni. I'm a sassy southern mom that enjoys gaming, both computer and tabletop, reading, writing, drawing, and singing. My ability in said subjects is variable. You will find examples of all these within my gallery. If you see something you like, hit me up. I can probably do it without breaking either of our budgets.

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Gonna be quietish for a while. Comp's powersupply bit it during the last storm. Apparently the surge protector didn't.
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So, where I've been lately....

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Some of you may or may not have noticed I've been afk the last few days. That was because my husband finally let me take him to the hospital. He'd been feeling bad since last Wednesday, and Saturday night, after proof he was way more compromised than he wanted to admit, he let me take him in. They put him in a room that night. His salt and magnesium had bottomed out. His blood sugar was over three hundred eighty, and he had a fever. They took enough blood tests to fill a corpse and enough heart mapping to make a working three D model. They never found the source of the fever, but between steroids and antibiotics, they finally got rid of it.
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Today's activity is sharing the communities on Deviant we love. So, let me introduce some of my favorites. https://www.deviantart.com/the-bards-college Bard's College: for all your skyrim/elderscrolls/fantasy related endeavors. It's founded by a wond...
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I hope everything is alright.

it's getting there, Butch gave us all a big scare with his heart. They have him on new meds and he's got dr appts this week.

computer? thanks to health and everything else, is on permanent hiatus until further notice

That's a relief, and I hope the new meds work for him.

hey i've read telki's story 3 times already and i really adore hem.
but i have a question about something, if you don't mind. well, we know erandur was first, but when did merc., gideon and lydia join?
also are erandur and merc in a relationship or only with lydia?
last question (sorry for the long note), how did gideon and merc. end up with telki, because we know erandurs story (super cute btw) and a few details about the other 2?
Sorry for the long post, i really love your work, not only telki's story <3 (i made a fanart of telki and shell, am i allowed to post it if i mention you?)
bye, thnx for the amazing works its super relaxing
Fanart? Omg Please post, and yes, just a mention for me and Evil-is-Relative and you're good. I can't wait to see it.

We actually worked out the timeline at one point, but it's still a bit nebulous, if that makes sense.

Telki and Erandur happened on Gideon in the middle of a bandit nest, and Telki had to *ahem* "save" him. Yes, she filled every bandit full of holes before he could touch them. He joined the adventuring group and eventually married in, not realizing the heartache he was about to create for Lydders and him.

Lydia, Merc, and Erandur are all intimate with each other. Telki loves Lyds like a sister, she's incorrigibly straight.

The 'realization' moment for Mercutio actually came from a thing based in game (where the bones of most these stories comes from)

I was playing through the Dragonborn content, and ran afoul of the 'hug bug' ~anytime you should have died in Apocrypha, the hug action will kill you in the 'real' world. 
It was my first encounter with it, gave Merc a hug and as my character died 'oh god, no!" and i swear, it sounded like his heart was breaking.  "you big faker!" Yes, i actually yelled that at the screen. Digital pixels are way to real to me at times. I wrote a snippet for this.

Ah, here's what we've worked out so far:

Meets Lydia.  Lydia she's friendly with, but asks her to watch the house in Breezehome, because they don't exactly match eye to eye in how to adventure. (Lydia's very in your face, Telki would rather either talk her way out of it, or shoot it full of arrows from a safe distance, plus, she's responsible for Lydia and what if someone hurts her???)

Lydia has precious little luck changing her mind on all that. Loves her, but their friendship is rather rocky to begin with.

2. Meets and falls in love with Erandur.  Meets Lydia, helps mend fences between Lydia and Telki

3. Marries Erandur

Erandur x Lydia, instafriendship traveling towards something more

adds Mercutio to traveling troupe. Group has a talk about relationships. Merc x Lydia x Eradur ;  Telki x Erandur x Merc. Telki loves Lyds, but Not That Way.

Drops Mercutio off at the college after one too many chain lightning whupsies. Lydia stays to keep an eye on him and keep him company.

Erandur and Telki 'save' Gideon from a bandit nest

adds Gideon to traveling troupe

Erandur, Gideon, and Telki have a talk about relationships

Lydia and Gideon have a MISUNDERSTANDING that only gets sorted in the story Heir Apparent.

So, hope that helps
okey, thnx :) i'll see i can post it somewhere in the weekend.
And omg, thats super sweet and it's really amazing that its so thoughth out. you and evil are really geniuses. I've read a lot of fanfiction about skyrim but this has definitly been my favourite of them all.
And yes that really helps, Really thanks for clearing that up . Love :happybounce:

I also like the fact that it's not one of those, "they're perfect" story's, they have problems and deal with them in an adult (mostly anyway) way that's so amazing.
Thnx again for the awnsers Giggle Hug