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Warning Against LD-Draws

Mon Dec 17, 2018, 5:55 PM
If it has not been posted in here (for the sake of Journal length), ALL screenshots and evidences are located in Ryhaal's MEGA link, available for public view here:!0l0ElQJb!dgal7Xyonh…

Ryhaal's Journal: !!! WARNING !!!So, I have been inactive for a really long time, even more than usual. Not only on Deviantart but on all of my other platforms and after some help from Wynnchi, a friend and another artist who I respect and admire with every fiber of my being I finally mustered up the courage to say why.
For the past few months I’ve been the target of stalking, abuse and what I can only describe as “hate art” and a smear campaign conducted by LD-Draws / GreyFuzzButt.
But before we proceed, some background informations thanks to Wynnchi.
During December of 2017, LD (formerly GreyFuzzButt) had temporarily left the furry community before because she had copied another artist's style on FurAffinity by the name of Kihu. Kihu, concerned over this, had called her out on Twitter, after attempting to fix the issue. Kihu's callout,
Also important, as we've now been aware that she's called him "emotionally abusive" on Twitter.

Hey everybody. As you may have noticed, I've been extremely inactive as of late. There's been a lot of issues that have crept up the last few months, which has drained both my motivation to work and my wanting to come around here. This time around, I will not be writing of life events or little complaints, as this is something more serious and malicious in nature. Be warned, this Journal is also extremely long, as I have tried to add as many accompanying links as possible without breaking privacy. I have tried to only upload and post images that were already publicly posted via Discord servers.

I want to bookend this by saying that I do not condone any form of witchhunt or attacking. Do not feed her fire. This is only to be a means of warning others, since she has shown to be cruel.

Warning Contains abuse.

During December of 2017, LD/LD-Draws (formerly GreyFuzzButt) had temporarily left the furry community before  because she had copied another artist's style on FurAffinity by the name of Kihu. Kihu, concerned over this,  had called her out on Twitter, after attempting to fix the issue.… Kihu's callout,… statement from Kihu,… another one, and people making comparisons:… (Kihu's recount of the events:… ) Several months later in 2018, she came back under a new name, LD, and began posting in the r/Spyro server.

In regards to Ryhaal, initially they had intended to work together to produce a comic about The Legend of Spyro, her base premise being  about a young Malefor and his descent into madness (with Ryhaal writing the bulk of the story based on her storybeats and doing the background art), with them collaborating on character designs and enviroments. After a few months, I had been brought onto the project, as they had asked for my help with color palettes, however I had also taken liberty of assisting with character designs 33bd2f8d15ad4328f64e63d142b627d7 by Wynnchi . So, at that point in time, LD was the initial director, writer and character designer, with Ryhaal assisting with the story, drawing the map of the world along with enviroment concepts, and  contributing to the designs of the former ice and electric guardians. I had assisted in color palettes, and contributed character designs. After a period of several weeks, it was evident to me that there were growing  differences in creative control. After attempting to smooth out any issues, the tension had started spilling into r/Spyro, where initial friendly teasing had begun to take a more serious tone. The "final" arguement had happened in TLOS server, in which the topic was about the importance of art school being necessary for a career in the art field. LD had told the user via general statement (name has been hidden due to being a minor) that art school was not necessary, to which Ryhaal had disagreed with her and stressed the importance of going to college and getting a degree to further ones education if possible. The instance had turned into an arguement, so Ryhaal had taken the rest of it to PM. Ryhaal's copy of the PMs. After this, it had been decided by Ryhaal and I to withdraw from the project and cease communications after June of 2018, with a mutual agreement being that LD was not to use any assets that Ryhaal had made, including stylistic elements, character designs that he had made himself, and any enviromental works. Cba9345189c7883e81f9e5ea4ecc2a6e by Wynnchi However, even though there was mutual agreement for LD and Ryhaal to move forward and she had supposedly blocked him, due to Discords way of handling blocked messages, she had continued to peek at the messages he had written in the r/Spyro server, and had continued to make public jabs towards him.  After multiple times of me telling her to stop bothering him and to just leave him alone in public and through DMs, she had temporarily stopped after moderator involvement.

Later on, Ryhaal had received a “final message” from LD, which contained a link for LD's on DeviantART, containing random screencaps of messages Ryhaal had written in the r/Spyro server to other people, which were cropped and given "context" that had attempted to paint him in a negative light. However, if one were to go through and look through the conversations leading up to the screencaps, the joking and played-for-laughs sarcasm becomes obvious. Since he had been sent the link, it had been constantly updated (and still updated). After receiveing such message Ryhaal decided to not respond to it and proceeded to block her.

After this, she had decided to enter TLOS (a server Ryhaal and I had used to be moderators of) and, knowing full well of this, continued to argue with him multiple times in channels. During one, she had told the owner of the server at the time, Cynder_Restored/Coffee_restored/Echo the Dragon (for the sake of ease she will be named Coffee), that Ryhaal was unfit to be a moderator:  Screenshot 2018-08-11-14-59-09 by Wynnchi
After continued events of her and Ry butting heads, and her leaving and rejoining the server for the sole purpose of advertising her commissions, it had become a problem to the then-moderation team, and the discussion was brought up to ban her. The ban was majority vote Yes, and she had been banned. Later on, due to a lapse in proper judgement from Coffee, she unbanned LD without telling anyone in the middle of the night,  and LD swifty rejoined the server, with a user pinging Ryhaal to make him aware of the situation, however no one was awake at the time. I had found out about it that morning before heading to work, and DMed Ry to handle the issue while I was working that day. After once again telling Coffee that doing things without telling anyone was a bad idea, along with randomly unbanning people that have had prior issues also being a bad idea, the moderation team had once again agreed to ban LD for a second, and final time.

With her banned from TLOS, she had began acting once more in r/Spyro with continued jabbing  and had updated her “Evidence” Stash folder, however it had now been directed towards Ryhaal and Coffee. It had become Coffee's concern that her then-friend Anuon_Rinor had begun talking to LD after this, to which I had tried to tell him to stay out of the issue, as getting involved would only get him into trouble, as LD had done to us. He decided to keep collaborating with LD, and after the disbanding and the supposed dissolvement of the TLoS fancomic, LD had claimed that someone else had taken up Ryhaal's place as partner.…

After announcing the revival of the fancomic, she had begun to post screencaps of character busts. However, it can be noted that they look similar to the designs Ryhaal had done in terms of stylistic attributes, proportions and even in image layouts:
C768ea6075d355352ad6e8cc91dfba47 by Wynnchi
929e82ae990642b2543f815929c7761a by Wynnchi
9081e97107b43c655afb440a2b15f049-png by Wynnchi
5b03879821e1945abc1ee25b41d8d6dd by Wynnchi
Dd419f8ce647ebd636b313be85e5104e by Wynnchi
480e0bb9f74250bea2bda2d163741474-png by Wynnchi
While the two sets are different in style, there are similarities in place.

Further on, she started to update her folder again, this time inciting at possible plagiarism that Ryhaal had done in regards to the design of his OC, Vaeltaa. 6aa2cd2e20a918b96a1b821d8a0be749 by Wynnchi The artist's work in question is Drak-Arts’ “Ceagok”  Ceagok by Drak-Arts . A quick look at the dates disproves this, as Ryhaal’s oc was created on May 20th 469538672bd779daae96efc8997b8fab by Wynnchi (Also her agreeing to draw his new unnamed character, but only his side of the trade was actually posted D4a8e3a91acb66e920cb4d3125958da2 by Wynnchi ) while Drak-Art’s picture was uploaded later, on July 29th.
She also uploaded pictures in a folder called “bad art” where she had taken a couple of pieces done by Ryhaal and edited them without any permission as an attempt to “critique”. These files have since been deleted but Ryhaal had saved copies of some of them.
Ryhaal Supposed Plagiarism By Ld Draws-dco6cbt by Wynnchi

Furthermore, she had also started to draw hate art of said OC Vaeltaa, wherein he is either submissive, attacked (in the form of a multi-page comic that was later admitted by LD herself as bait)  8769c23e0dad1ee70d1910bc3f45a910 by Wynnchi or Vaeltaa outright drawn as dead: 6344392a622c7dce2686ad2d6672e7cf by Wynnchi C01cadeae3e37c4a3412370c55bd99dd by Wynnchi
In regards to our former moderation position of TLOS, we (the collective moderation team minus one person), had gotten into several disputes. Coffee had become extremely difficult to work with, and another mod and I had decided that kicking both Coffee and Ryhaal out would be the best course of action, since her unwillingness to cooperate as long as he was there and Ryhaal's fast temper led to arguements often in terms of handling issues behind-the-scenes. When the week was over however, we had come to learn that Coffee had become friends with LD also, posting artwork of their characters together, which eventually led to the image known as Dead Meat (posted earlier), where their characters are pictured, one of them eating the corpse of Ryhaal's OC. Shortly after her return to owner of TLOS, the topic was brought up, and after a long couple of hours of arguing, Ryhaal and I left TLOS entirely.

Since then, Ryhaal has lived in a state of constant anxiety. With the fear of LD and or her friends stalking him by visiting his page , his activity online has been scarce, stepping away from public and private servers alike.
In a private server, LD as a topic had come up occasionally since then, either in a brief moment or in more detailed discussion, and in one instance of this, I had been told by Anuon_Rinor to “not shittalk”, and “I’m watching you Wynn, sweetheart”.…… Taking this as an attempt at censorship directly towards myself (as no other person had been told to do this) I had stood my ground by saying that if anyone wanted to tell me something like this, to keep it solely to DM. Further on, Ryhaal had made a vent post in the venting channel, where he had expressed his upset towards the fandom and towards the treatment he had gotten, only to then receive a Note on DeviantART from LD (he had forgotten to block her there) titled Suffer. Upon looking into her “Evidence” Stash, it was found out that a screencap had been taken of Ryhaal’s vent in the private server. Because of this, he had ceased activity there as well.

Now, facts aside, the following is a personal statement from me. Reading this, do these actions of abuse and harassment equal to a good artist? Do you support the ideas of design theft, harassment, manipulation, and that making and posting multiple pictures of hate art solely for bait and "jokes" (only to take it back and play it serious) is okay? Do you think that you would become friends with, and stay friends with, this person? After the sweet lying of a seemingly hot-headed but genuine disguise, you'll come across something that is obsessive, guilttripping, and near-maniacal in her methodology. I can really only feel sorry for those that have fallen for her bait of being a reasonable person...including my boyfriend and I. I want to also make this very clear that I do not condone any sort of attacking or witchhunting. There is a difference between becoming more public about an ongoing situation (this had been growing steadily in publicity since we had split ways, between our attempts to ask others for advice and her incapability to keep her own drama under wraps, posting and venting almost as if to have a reason to complain), and pointing fingers saying "go get em!" If there is to be any sort of reaction to this, let it be one of silent justice: don't interact with her, don't pay attention to her, as that is only what fuels her fire, and she has done unpredictable things to get a response, only to add it to her "exposing."

Update: During December-January of 2018-2019, both Coffee and Anuon have been blocked/accused by LD. The former receiving no callouts towards her name, where as Anuon had been accused of sexual harassment and has had multiple callouts from LD's Twitter page. Several other women have come to his defense, however their defenses have since been removed from DeviantART aside from… as LD had removed her side of the calling out, so they had seemingly also deleted theirs in turn. This does not relate to my boyfriend's and I's issues with LD-Draws, so this topic will be kept as only a summary, as their actions mentioned in this Journal don't reflect how they are now as people, as they've moved on and became better from their experiences.

If it has not been posted in here (for the sake of Journal length), ALL screenshots and evidences are located in Ryhaal's MEGA link, available for public view here:!0l0ElQJb!dgal7Xyonh…




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