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By Fallbirdo

Welcome! In order to keep track of all those Novas you earn, we'll be using the following Google Chart as a tracker for your collection! Names are categorized by letter!


Nova by Wyngrew Nova by Wyngrew Nova by Wyngrew Nova by Wyngrew Nova by Wyngrew

Q: What is a Nova?
A: A Nova is a very rare mineral in Wyngro society that is highly valued as a trade item. They are the "fruit" of a community crystal tree. Wyngrew love the pretty colors and unique shape, and since old times has been a prized form of currency.

Group Use: Think of Novas as a substitute for real money. (1 Nova = $1)
Whenever there are cash only options, such as purchasing store items, you may use Novas instead!

Q: What exactly can I use Novas for?
A: Novas can be used to buy store items, and some flatsales and auctions. If Novas are used in place of real money when it comes to YCH auctions, the winner will be awarded the special upgrade and can add it to their Wyngro! However an artist will not draw their Wyngro in the YCH fashion unless real money is paid.
Please read the descriptions to see if Novas are accepted. We pay our artists a share of the profits, so sometimes art related sales and auctions will not allow novas, seeing as we do not want to cut out the artists who put in time to draw things!

Q: How do I use my Novas?
A: Remember that Novas can be spent! So if you purchasing anything with Novas, please comment below to let us know what you're using your novas on! And of course, if we happen to miss anything, just leave a comment about it below so we may fix something if needed! Again, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW if you are using Novas!

Q: Why hasn't my nova for the monthly challenge been added yet??
A: Please be patient! Our moderators are always busy, and sometimes it just takes a little while to get to logging them all.

Q: Can I gift my Novas to another member?
A: As of September 2017, this option is currently not available. It may return when we have a different system in place though!
However, Novas may still be used as trading fodder in the trading post!

Q: Hey! My Nova count is incorrect! What do I do to get it fixed?
A: Comment below with what your total currently is, what it needs to be, and where you were awarded the missing nova!

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: because of our current system, we can only check Nova additions back for the past month. So please keep track of your nova count and quickly inform us if there is an error! Otherwise we may not be able to assist you.

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how do i earn novas? ovo

ChioOoSaurus's avatar

Heya! I know ya'll are busy so take your time on fixing this, but I recently changed my user "JapanIsForLigers" to "ChioOoSaurus"

I sent a note to the group and changed my name on discord. Take all the time to fix my nova count ^_^ Keep up the good work!

ChioOoSaurus's avatar

Ey! Just making sure that im a nova off in the bank, im in no rush so dont worry! Just letting ya'll know. ^_^ Keep up the good work! (I may have miscounted but im just making sure!)

Current: 10 [1 Nova from the February Showcase]

Tracker: 9

Feel free to reply back or DM me if something is wrong!

EmikoYoshi's avatar

Hello recently got 6 Novas so I'd like to purchase a PCP please, thank you!

CherryTrabbit's avatar

You got it!

1x Parent Colour Picker has been purchased for 6x Novas

In the future feel free to not the group instead if you'd like so we can get to it quicker

CherryTrabbit's avatar

You got it!

1x Parent Colour Picker has been purchased for 6x Novas

In the future feel free to not the group instead if you'd like so we can get to it quicker

topazluck's avatar

Hi! Sorry for the bother but I’m a nova short in the bank. I was given an extra nova on this Nova challenge that didn’t make it to my bank

Skywiz's avatar

Sorry about that! I've gotten that corrected for you!

topazluck's avatar

Awesome! Thank you so much!

Aloulore's avatar

I think the 3 Novas I got from my recent trade didn't get added?


CherryTrabbit's avatar

Sorry about that, having some issues with saving change lately thanks for letting us know it should be correct now.

Aloulore's avatar

Sorry for being troublesome, but it's still not showing the correct count.

CherryTrabbit's avatar

Hmm let's try one more time, if that didn't work I will have to get another mod to change it

Aloulore's avatar

Looks right now. Thanks; and sorry for the trouble.

CherryTrabbit's avatar

Oh no I'm sorry for the runaround, hopefully this doesn't happy again. Thanks for your patience and letting us know!

owletmail's avatar

not sure when exactly motm novas are added but jic!

current total: 5

should be: 8

+3 from december motm

GlowVampire21's avatar
Hey there! MOTM nova's should be added at the beginning of the month! I went ahead and added those Nova's to you.

Congrats again on getting MOTM!
owletmail's avatar

thank you so much! <3

mollyhock's avatar
hi i was looking through and i believe i should have 3 novas?  1 from monthly challenge #14 (x), 1 from inktide (x), and 2 from monthly challenge #10 (x), and one spent on today's potion game (x)!
popsqueak's avatar
i dont think i'm on the list even though i have a couple gros! it might be because ive been inactive for a while or i might be misunderstanding the system?
Skywiz's avatar
Hello there! Novas are given out for things like monthly contests! The most recent events that would have given novas were:

- Inktide! You could have gotten 4 Novas for this in total if you did 28 days.
- Skittersweet! You had the option to buy them from the shop at the end.
- The Monthly Contest: Pumpkin Carving! You could have gotten 2 from this.
- The Paetron prompt: If you are a patron, you could have earned a nova by drawing the prompt!

I hope that helps!
popsqueak's avatar
okay, thank you!! :D
ARCANEYE's avatar
Ello! I just popped in to say I believe I should have two? I have my own tracker handy to show what I mean: [link]
Sorry for the bother and cheers in advance!!
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