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Please look for a category of FAQs and see if your question has been answered before!
Comment below with any questions you may have! We check these regularly!


Q: Are Wyngro free to make?

        A: No! You must purchase or win a MYO ticket in order to make one! Make sure to read how here! "How to make a Wyngro"


Q: I tried to join the group but it won't let me. Why not?

        A:Our group is invite only, so you can't join automatically! That's okay though-- once your first Wyngro is accepted into the group, we'll send you an invite!

If you are trying to browse the group on a smartphone or tablet, much of the page will be hidden. All you have to do is scroll waaaaaaay down to the bottom and in teeny text you will see a link that says, “Switch to Desktop Site”.
That should make everything visible!


Q: Can I design a Wyngro for someone else?

        A: Yes you can! We understand that not everyone has the best design skills, and while we encourage you to try, you are most welcome to get help from another artist. You must still follow the rules and upload a picture of the Wyngro you want to be accepted into the "Approved babies" folder to be approved. So just because someone else designs your character, you must still draw it yourself.


Q: How many Wyngrew can I create?

        A: As many as you have MYO slots for! These must be purchased! If you aquire a wyngro through other means (adopting, someone gives you a Bred Egg or a Raffle Egg) these do NOT require MYO slots to be created!


Q: If I don't want my Wyngro anymore, can I give it away?

        A: We have an option to those who want to find their otherwise unused Wyngling a new home! It's called donated designs, where you submit a form with the Wyngro you no longer desire to keep, and we redraw it and submit it to the group to be adopted by someone else. This will also free up one of your MYO slots. You can find out more about that here! (Wyngrew cannot be just be given to other members, as we are trying to discourage them being a 'trading card' species!)


Q: Do I HAVE to grow my Wyngro up?

        A: Nope! You can wait a long time before they grow up, or just never grow them up at all! However we discourage this, as they'll have to watch all their friends grow up, be limited to very few upgrades, and not be able to participate in certain events!


Q: Can I make my Wyngro born blind?

        A: Nope! Wyngrew do not have any known birth defects that cause it to go blind. But we may have some more interesting ailments in the future!


Q: Can their ear fins move around to express emotion? For example, going floppy when they are feeling upset.

        A: Absolutely they can!


Q: What kind of genders can Wyngrew have?

        A: Wyngro biological sexes are Male & Female. Your Wyngro can identify with whatever you prefer, despite that, though! (Just like us!)


Q: What is a Wyngro's diet like?

        A: Wyngrew all start as omnivores! Eating whatever suits them. As they grow, depending on which upgrades you choose, they can become 100% meat eaters or veggie nommers, depending on their personality, teeth, and location!


Q: What size range are Wyngrew?


All Wyngrew should be around this height, but shorter/taller Wyngrew exist as well. When drawing your Wyngro compared to others, just make sure they aren't very noticeably taller or shorter than each other.


Q: Can my Wyngro have an abnormality? (Dwarfism, giant-ism, blindness, albino, etc.)

        A: Unfortunately, no! We want members to focus on creating an interesting character through story, personality, and development! In the past, we noticed people using these traits simply to make their character unique right away, and since abnormalities are usually very rare and come with health risks, we do not allow members to use these traits anymore and you will be asked to change them if we see them.
Eventually, we would like to use abnormalities in some way! (Blindness will become an upgrade eventually!) So stay tuned!


Q: Can wyngrew swim?

        A: Sure they can! But they need to learn first, just like us. ;) And some are better than others!


Q: Can wyngrew become chubby?

        A: Wyngrew can be chubby, but remember to make their skeleton the same! They should not balloon out or have completely different frames, or look much larger than other Wyngrew. Here's some good visuals on Wyngling anatomy:

Remember that Wyngrew do not have bigger frames genetically like we do, so if one is overweight, it's probably really unhealthy!


Q:  If a Wyngling was active enough and did physical exercise frequently enough, would the Wyngling's baby fat shrink? Is it possible for the Wynglings to burn off some of their baby fat?

        A: Good question!
So the baby fat is there at a young age to help with a Wyngling's growth and development. Much like humans, Wyngrew have very large and active brains. Infants use 60% of the calories they consume for brain development. All that energy must be available on demand. The body can use fat for fuel in various ways that support the growing brain. So this "fat" is not caused by overeating, or due to inactivity. (And therefor shouldn't decrease if they are healthy)
A Wyngling with not much baby fat is considered "malnourished", and therefor may have trouble developing as they grow. (We're talking decrease in intelligence due to the brain not growing properly, or even heart issues/other problems)

HOWEVER, as you develope your Wyngling and they grow, their baby fat might start to decrease Right before becoming an adult. For group purposes, I would only do this if you intend to grow your Wyngling up soon, and would avoid doing it so you "Don't have to ever grow them up", for example. ;) I hope that makes sense!


Q: If my new Wyngro mother is eggbound, does she need to find out she's pregnant from Dr. F?

        A: Wyngrew are a bit more unique in that every successful breeding results in at least one egg. So aftterward, they know they are eggbound and don't need to find out. So there is no, "SURPRISE! You preggo." However they can still go to Dr. F to check if the egg is healthy!


Q: Do approval images count for wyns?

        A: Yes! ANY Wyngro drawing that meets the wyn requirement rules will earn wyns as long as it is posted into the group gallery!


Q: How do wyns work? I can't figure it out.

        A: CLICK HERE for our guide on wyns on our website! Everything is laid out there in great detail, such as how to count your wyns, and what certain kinds of art gain wyns!


Q: Do black and white or limited pallet drawings count for wyns?

        A: No, but don't let that set you back! We love seeing this kind of art, so feel free to submit it to the group!


Q: How many wyns do you get if you receive a gift?

        A:None! You do NOT get wyns from receiving gift art, (That's a gift on its own!) however there may be a sticker achievement for having a certain amount!


Q: Do we get wyns automatically, or does a staff member have to comment with them?

        A: Wyns AND stickers are automatically gotten by users. Honor system! We just don't have the resources to send them out like that, although some mods will comment to give away extra wyns for effort!


Q: How are wyns counted for collabs?

        A: Collaborative works should only be uploaded by a single person to the group to avoid duplicate images being submitted.  Only the person submitting the collab to the group can count it for wyns.


Q: Should I add my wyn count even if I'm not counting wyns for a deviation?

        A: Yes!  Whether your picture does not count for wyns or you are choosing not to count it for wyns , you should add your wyn count in the description.  Simply list it as 0/### wyns.


Q: How do I give my Wyngro Upgrades? Do I lose wyns?

        A: Once you have all the appropriate wyns and requirements done for a certain upgrade, you just draw your Wyngro with it! It can grow slowly, or just appear suddenly. You don't need to ask us if it's okay (Unless you are really unsure about something) you don't need to submit it to a special folder, and getting upgrades do NOT deplete your wyns! (Remember wyns are like tally marks!)


Q: Do the upgrades you receive carry on to your Wyngro as an adult?

        A: Of course! And although most Wyngro lose their "baby light spot" on their nose when they become an adult, but you don't have to get rid of it!


Q: How many accessories can my baby Wyngro have?

        A: Only one, and no clothing! Babies would be way to bogged down to wear clothes right now. ;) Also this is one of the perks of growing them up!


Q: What kinds of accessories can my Wyngling get?

YES: Scarf, goggles, bow tie, bells, bandanna, hat, necklace, ring, gloves, ribbons, glasses, etc.
(Anything they can WEAR, just not full outfits.)
NO: Skulls, shirt, pants, shoes, cloaks, makeup/tattoo, living companions, magical items, toys, etc.
(Strange things, magic, full outfits, actual items that are not worn, etc.)


HELPFUL LINKS--> General Magic Guide How to Learn Magic List of Abilities

Q: Can my Wyngling learn magic?

        A: No, your Wyngro must be grown up (an official adult) to start learning magic or sign up for a class!


Q: Can my Wyngro learn two kinds of elements at one time before finishing the other? (Example, learn Water and Fire simultaneously)

        A: Yes, they can! But it will be difficult to learn two different elements at once! So realistically your character may struggle with this!



Q: Can I get commissioned do draw someone's Wyngro?

        A: Commissions are okay! But profiting from drawing someone's Wyngro will not earn you wyns!


Q: Can I sell/trade Wyngro designs?

        A: that is a NO-NO! Only staff are allowed to sell/auction Wyngrew. We do this to help support the group itself!


Q: Do I have to use the official reference template for my Wyngro or can I make my own?

        A: You do not have to use ours. :] We just thought it might help people get some ideas on what to add to theirs. You can use the whole thing, just parts of it, or do your own completely! But here's a link to the official one if you want to use it:

Wyngro Reference Sheet Template by Nestly


Q: What can we post in terms of gore/blood? (Mature content)

        A: If DeviantArt allows it, we allow it. Just be considerate and mark your work as mature if it needs it. A little bit of blood shouldn't need a mature warning. But intense violence or suggestive content should have it. If you're unsure, just note the group with your image and we'll let you know!

There's also more information regarding this topic HERE!!


Q: What counts for animation?

        A: Animations should only be counted as such if they are made up of UNIQUE FRAMES. If it's a static image with some glow added, or blinking, or one part of the body moving and that's it, simply count it as a regular drawing.


Q: For my drawings to count as colored work, do they have to be lined? How do you differentiate between colored sketches and colored fullbodies?

        A: This is case-by-case basis, and can differ from artist to artist. If we see in your gallery that you are fully capable of inking your work, for example, we will expect that you do in your Wyngro related art in order to count for colored fullbodies! But some artists are purely traditional without the ability to use digital media to draw, so in those cases, colored pencil drawings are fine. Remember though, that even traditional pieces can be inked! Use markers or pens if you can!


Q: How do collaborations work? Can we collab with other artists?

        A: Absolutely you can! And we love to encourage this!! It's fun and helps you learn how to work with other artists and learn different techniques!
We just ask that please only One of the artists post to the group & count wyns for it. If you want to make it fair between artists, do a two part image where one person can submit one part! :D


Q: Can my wyngro have a different birthday from it's hatch date?

        A: Yes! But keep in mind that their hatch date is still the one that matters when tracking age for upgrades!


Q: Can I switch accounts and keep my old Wyngro?

        A: Switching accounts on DA is HIGHLY discouraged if you are active in Wyngro. Because of how reliant we are on DA for moderation purposes, if you switch accounts, you basically have to start over! You cannot 'trade' wyngrew between accounts, so you would have to start over with plain MYOs! We recommend changing your DA account name instead of creating a new account for this reason!


Q: Since there is a different amount of days in each month, how do you keep track of how long a 'month' is?
Is it just from the day of your wyngling's approval pic to the same day the next month?

        A: We simply go by the dates themselves. So if a Wyngro was approved on May 4th it'd be one month old on June 4th.  On the rare occasions where the date is on the 31st and the proceeding month on has 30 days, (Or February) just use the 30th or the last day of that month instead.


Q: Where do they live? Is there a separate world where Wyngrew exist or do they live on Earth alongside normal animals? And if it's Earth, is it normal human Earth or an alternate reality where anthropomorphic animals exist but there are no humans?

        A: Wyngro don't live in the same world as us-- but that doesn't mean you can't draw yourself hugging your Wyngro or something! It just wouldn't be "canon" and shouldn't be submitted to the group!

Click here for more info!


Q: Do Wyngrew have technology? (TVs, computers, phones?)

        A: Their tech is not the same as ours, and we will expand on it eventually! But your Wyngro will most likely be living in Wynsiph, where they don't have a lot of tech anyways! Oil lanterns and candles instead of light bulbs!


Q: Where do Wyngrew live? Do they have to live here?

        A: Wyngrew live in Wynsiph! <--Click here to read all about the default Wyngro town! Other Wyngrew towns exist, this is just the only one we have fully developed so far, and will always be the default place your Wyngro will start. (The Nook is a hatchery that most MYO eggs are born in)
There are some mountains, a lake, and various other rural places surrounding Wynsiph however that your Wyngro may decide to take root in!


Q: What colour do the eggs have? Is it dependant on the Wyngling hatching and if so, which of the hatchling's colors determines the color of the egg?

        A: Great question! We actually have An Egg Designing Guide right here to go off of! :D


Q: Can my Wyngro learn Dark magic? How do they learn Dark magic? When will it be released? Can they be obsessed with Dark Magic?

        A: Dark magic is taught to wynglings at a young age who live in Wynsiph that it is evil and wrong, so your wyngro would not be naturally drawn to it, as the society they live in shuns it and has no evidence of anything otherwise. So as much as you want to make your wyngro special and edgy, it's just not realistic for your gro to automatically be drawn to it fro no reason at all.
Dark magic CANNOT be learned in the group right now and there is no telling when or if it will be released. So don't bother asking!


Q: Can I make my own NPC Wyngrew? (Like draw my MYO Wyngro's parents?)

        A: Yes you can make custom NPCs! We just ask that you do not make them your main focus, as they should only be to push your official Wyngro's story forward. And they do not also gain wyns or upgrades. ;)
We also ask your wyngro's parents are either Standard Wyngrew or the same subspeices as they are (to prevent the very unlikely scenario of every Standard's father being an Imp, Pixie, or other rare and unusual subspeices!)

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Eevee267's avatar

I'm not apart of the group as of now but I just wanted to ask this for clarification purposes. Are fan wyngro still allowed? I know they were definitely allowed at some point because I saw some but are they still available to be created?

Skywiz's avatar

Hello there! Unofficial wyngro are allowed in the fan group:


However, so long as you meet the requirements, your first wyngro is free! These requirements are:

- You must not have been in Wyngro before

- You must have 3+ Images in your Gallery

- Your DA account must be at least 3 months old.

I hope this helps!

Eevee267's avatar

Oh no I'm not referring to the fan group as I'm currently working on getting my first wyngro approved. I'm referring to the main group.

Skywiz's avatar

Ah, apologies for misunderstanding. Unofficial Wyngro may be drawn so long as they're intended to be one offs, like you just needed something to fill in a background space and didn't want to ask someone else to use their character. Personal NPCs are no longer allowed to be depicted in the group, but may be mentioned in stories.

Eevee267's avatar

Ah no I should of been more clear so I should be the one apologizing. I meant like for example someone made a wyngro based off of a fictional character like idk Snoopy the dog from the peanuts films, would that be allowed?

Skywiz's avatar

Oh! Yes, you can base your characters off of whatever you like-- it's not recommended as they can be harder to get attached to, but you certainly can.

Eevee267's avatar

Ok thank you!

TRASHYfurryFOX's avatar

Can standard wyengrews and/or wynglings be hairless like a spinx cat?

VagrantCandle's avatar

Are all things a wyngro might carry with them considered as accessories? Like, if I want my wyngro to get armor and a bow (the weapon), I just need to unlock unlimited clothing?

Completely different question: Is joining the spite hunter guild a thing that can be done? Is it like a quest that becomes available periodically, or is it not a feature of the game yet?

VagrantCandle's avatar

I am confused about quest rewards. Are they just items that you can say your wyngro officially owns? Do they have a use other than a detail that can be drawn? More specifically: with the Rattle Cattle Wrangling quest, the quad branch reward lookes like a rattle. Is that an accessory, or just an item that I can say my wyngro owns? Also, it says remember to collect your rewards, but there is nothing to click. How do I collect rewards? Also, the NPC dialogue makes it sound like the reward would be a lasso, so thats confusing.

BerrymeadowBlitz's avatar

I'm not a part of the official group and I dont think I could join since I cant access the site since I'm on my school account and they blocked it. So can I make a fake wyngro and join the Wyngro Fanclub group instead or do I still need a MYO ticket? If so, can someone possibly design one for me or could someone donate a MYO ticket to me and I have someone make the design for me? Sorry if I'm asking too many questions, I just want to know since I've been wanting a Wyngro for a while now.

Nestly's avatar

You're welcome to draw your own wyngro designs to your own gallery all you want and use the fan group if you can't join!

Azure83's avatar

I dont see this anywhere, so is discord required?

Nestly's avatar

Yes, it is now!


About the Wyngro, I'm making my first one! I thought I heard your first one would be free, is that true?

ChipChipCheerio's avatar

Don't see this being asked anywhere.

I'm not a member of this group, but I know someone who is, and I was wondering if it was possible for non-members, or really people who aren't in the server or group, to purchase and gift a breeding ticket to members.

Nestly's avatar
Certainly possible, yep! You'll just need to note the group once you've purchased something and tell us who you're giving it to!
Icedog-McMuffin's avatar
Hey, just wondering... On the color upgrades, it mentions a 'Tint Changer' but I can't actually find the upgrade anywhere? Where can I find it?
Skywiz's avatar
Unfortunately Tint changer was removed last year and has since been unavailable.
Icedog-McMuffin's avatar
Oh :( Is there any other way to change the colors?
Skywiz's avatar
You can use Accent color mixer to move your accent color around/remove it from spots, or base color mixer to move your secondaries/base color/add a color around. Lastly, there's unlimited colors or a supernova.
Icedog-McMuffin's avatar
So... There’s no way to just change the base colors like before, then? ^^”
Skywiz's avatar
Tint changer was only able to change something within the same hue. It could only be used within the same color. So if you had cyan, you could desaturate it to make it a pastel or make it darker. But you couldnt, for instance, make it gold or even dark blue.
Icedog-McMuffin's avatar
Well yes, I know that part, what I was asking is if there's no way of doing that any other way? ; w ;
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