Wyngro DEATH, murder, and depicting violence/gore

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By Nestly
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We often get asked about what is allowed in the Wyngro group in terms of NSFW stuff, especially when it comes to blood and violence.

While our rules has always been “follow DeviantArt’s rules”, by adding mature filters when needed, and blood and such is generally allowed, I wanted to take this time to talk about some more sensitive topics and what kind of stuff you should think harder about before you do it, or simply stay away from entirely.

DEATH - Can I kill my Wyngro off?
“Unfortunately” you cannot kill your Wyngro characters! But do not fret, it will eventually be an option. *GASP*

Murder, violence, and Wynsiph themes
We’ve been seeing a lot of brutality lately depicted in gallery art as of late, which brings us to our next topic. What is allowed in terms of killing Wyngrew (non official or otherwise), pets, living things, etc.

I want to make it clear that Wyngrew are NOT WILD ANIMALS and they have the brain capacity of a human being. Murder is not an instinct (In fact they are programmed and raised to avoid killing) and should never be taken casually in the group and its lore.  

In the case of murder especially, I wanted to inform people that as of right now, Wynsiph and the world that Wyngrew live in remains a “Slice of Life” themed group, so murder simply does not have a common place here and makes little sense. Now give us more time to open the world up a bit more and we’ll see more possibilities. ;)

How to be a badass Wyngro (AKA: How to portray violence)
If you’re simply feeling edgy and just want to show violence for the mere fact of being unique or different, we strongly encourage you to give it more thought!
If your character’s development has led down this path and a lot of thought has been put into the act, that’s a different story. Using violence for story arcs is great! We just want it to be portrayed in a tasteful way that makes sense and not “just because it’s cool.”

Wild or “Feral” Wyngrew
Having your character raised by wild animals to make them 'feral' wouldn't be likely to make them extremely aggressive towards other Wyngrew.  Wyngrew are much like humans, and even a person living in the wild likely wouldn’t be attacking/maiming civilized people they come in contact with. They would be more likely to try hiding or observing them from afar, unless threatened. They can recognize their own species and still have community instincts.

Snoot Boops & Wynglings
A “Snoot boop”, as they say, is the act of two Wyngrew rubbing their noses together. In Wyngro society this is compared to kissing. (Although kissing is certainly possible, the dang dinosaur snout can make drawing it a bit difficult, so snoot boops are usually preferred)

We would gently like to ask that people do not draw their Wynglings passionately snootbooping, as it’s comparable to small children french kissing. An accidental snoot boop or one where they’re laughing about it or have no idea what it means is fine, but keep it innocent and leave the snoot booping to the adults please!

Wyngro Lore & what is considered canon/uploaded to the group
People are welcome to draw non-canon wyngro art, as long as they are not counted for wyns or uploaded to the group!
Group uploads should be limited to canonical lore, so please leave out pop-culture character inclusions and such when submitting things to the group!
Things that would realistically be found in the world are fine, but things like modern tech should not be portrayed in the group.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
Wyngro keeps getting more and more dense with lore and world stuffs, and we’re happy you guys are so interested in it! Thanks for hearing us out on all this information, and remember to just keep things tactful and reasonable! Thanks everyone!

© 2017 - 2021 Wyngro
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Jandkatisameme's avatar
So a Wyngro can't even kill a plant?
Nestly's avatar
they can kill a plant. xD
Jandkatisameme's avatar

g o o d.
d e a t h  t o  t h e  p l a n t s .
RiverOfCrystals's avatar
What about kidnap? Would kidnapping be something that may happen in Wyngro?
just curious for an idea I randomly had
isaacboom's avatar
About tech not being cannon... what if... Aliens ALIENS...
Skr7's avatar
Quick question: I hope to be joining in June (when MYOs are open again), and I want to have 2 of my already-existing characters to raise my wyngling(s). Is that acceptable?
Nestly's avatar
Sure! It just isn't considered very canon is all, so we try to discourage it. 
Skr7's avatar
Alright, thanks!
I'm making a lil' family over here >:3
Nestly's avatar
Oh and sorry I forgot to mention this, but make sure any "non-canon" stuff is not posted to the group! So while you can still draw it, just make sure it's not posted in our gallery is all. 
Skr7's avatar
Fenaceide's avatar
Ahhh okay, I pictured snoot booping as more of a cute small smooch thing rather than an "MMmmmMMMMMMmmm girl" sort of thing
I made art of my wyngling and a friend's wyngling booping ( and, I mean, they're adults now so I guess it don't matter NOW but 0: ) But for future reference
Boops by Fenaceide
I sorta pictured it as quick innocent boops like kids that smooch the cheeks of their childhood crushes as opposed to hot sloppy boopout sessions but on a scale of 1 to no, in the event that I get another Wyngling, where would this lie? 0:
I'm not really a fan of depicting children in adulty situations personally and if that's too adulty than I need to know LMAO
Hylian-Rinku's avatar
I would definitely say that it's too adult for children to boop non-accidentally xD For wyngro it's quite 'hot and sloppy' as you described.
Fenaceide's avatar
There was a prompt in February that made me think otherwise, that's my mistake, THANK YOU-
Hylian-Rinku's avatar
It's alright, just best to not have wynglings engage in adult 18+ action like snoot booping xD

A great alternative is cheek rubbing if anything!
Fenaceide's avatar
Yeah no i totally agree LOL, I just didn't know that snoot booping was innately 18+ for Wyngrew and now I do *wheeze* 
I'm gonna go delete the thing I think hrrrr
Nestly's avatar
It's no a big deal at all man, haha. We just decided to clarify this to help people understand. We know it's a lore thing and not everyone is going to consider it as a passion kiss. 
Hylian-Rinku's avatar
Nooo don't delete it just say you didn't realise before! xD You're best not deleting deviations that are in the group counting wyns!
Fenaceide's avatar
Oh true, good point. It's a good thing I plopped it into my storage then instead of deleting it completely, hohoho.
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"Wyngro Lore & what is considered canon/uploaded to the group
People are welcome to draw non-canon wyngro art, as long as they are not counted for wyns or uploaded to the group!
Group uploads should be limited to canonical lore, so please leave out pop-culture character inclusions and such when submitting things to the group!"

Would it still be alright for me to include little background details to amuse myself and possibly others? Like a small doodle of an unrelated character or quote on a piece of paper in the background of a picture or something that's completely unrelated and unimportant to whats going on?
Something like in the background of this picture, only perhaps less prominent? Meeting
If not it's completely fine I'm just wondering for clarity's sake ^^
Nestly's avatar
Oh sure! XD that's super subtle and more of an Easter egg hahah.
FesteringFascination's avatar
*looks at battered Kiki with guilt* ....
CSEmber's avatar
Although, to be fair, I once french kissed my cousin when I was like 7 for 'experiments'. We'd seen it happen and were wondering what the big deal was I think.

There was nothing sexual about it, or pedophilic, but it certainly wasn't an 'accident' or 'didn't know what we were doing'. We were fully aware that we were kissing, but I guess we didn't know that it was supposed to only be for people who were 'together' in some capacity. XD
Nestly's avatar
Well, regardless, it makes people uncomfortable to see such young characters appearing to be in romantic positions and such, so the rule is there as a courtesy for all our sakes.
CSEmber's avatar
Yus, that I agree with XD. Just because it happened doesn't mean I would, like, want people to show photos of it around, or want to look at pictures of others who were similarly curious.
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