Weekly Prompt #34

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By Nestly
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What's a Weekly Prompt? Well, every week or so we'll post a prompt for you to draw!
Drawing a prompt while the entry is [OPEN] will earn you +3 extra wyns!
(You may enter as many times as you'd like, but you can only win +3 wyns once per weekly Prompt!)


“Sever, the royal guard from Antova has come to visit!”

Sever: Salutations humble residents of Wynsiph! I bare you fair greetings from the capitol of Antova, where we honor Chii’falla and follow in her path of light.
I am here to check upon the outlining towns of our fair region and report back to the city of our progress. To show how generous our kingdom is, I bare a rare gift!

*He holds up an unmistakable Imp egg*

Imp Wyngrew is what I, myself am! You can identify us by our armored sales and long bodies! This Imp egg is in need of a home and hand picked to travel outside to join in our allied community here. I hope that placing it in your care will bring much prosperity to your blooming community!

*He sits down, as admiring Wynglings gather to ask him questions*

Gather round young ones, as I will entice your imagination with the stories of our noble deeds. Slaying foes, and giving shelter and food to the poor. I have many an adventure under my theoretical wing, and am happy to share them! So listen close!

*A diamond shines in his confident eye as he begins to tell grand stories*

For this Weekly Prompt: Draw your Wyngro listening to Sever’s grand stories? What do they think of the royal guard? Are they watching from afar or passing by curiously? Are they a Wyngling imagining what kind of epic stories he’s telling? Perhaps show what your Wyngling imagines as he talks!

This is a very special Weekly Prompt, as it also comes with some special Imp related upgrades!

And Ooohhhh, is that a new Imp egg in Wynsiph?

This new Imp baby will be given to our amazing old time staff member, knux33!
As a huge thank you for all the work she has done for this last year plus at Wyngro, we all feel she is highly deserving of an Imp! (And as she loves the noodles!) So give her a big congrats!


This weekly prompt will last until the 31st of March, 5PM CST. (Check the front page for a countdown!)

Draw this and submit it to this folder. For participating, you may also award yourself an additional +3 wyns! (Plus the wyns you would normally earn).
Please note that drawing Sever will not count towards wyns, as he's not an official NPC!

Wyngro Sticker - Special Visitor by Wyngrew

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KittenTheKrappyArtis's avatar
i want to make an imp wyngro!
xKireel's avatar
Imp Wyngrew are a subspecies that is not free to make. 
currently there is no way to get one aside of buying them though~ 
RoxyFoxer's avatar
Clap :clap: :jumpingjacks: Oh yeah. Yay. Good for you. :tinyhappyclapwithbounce: +plz :clap: Happy Clap clap remake 1a Happy Clap Cutie Emote Clap emoticon clap remake 1b :Clap: Clap emote, my first animation :retarded-clap: :congrats: 
Accidental-Strix's avatar

doing this for sure for sure

are the imp whisker upgrades going to be coming back to the list eventually, once this prompt is over? Or is this a one time thing? Haha never mind <3
Hylian-Rinku's avatar
They're a forever available thing :D
Accidental-Strix's avatar
That's so awesome! They're super adorable!
3vilwolf's avatar
i love the royal guard his design is cool

but he's so snarffing hard to draw xD
grandjoy1111's avatar
can it be a head shot of sorts? because I'm not sure I can fit him on my paper
knux33's avatar
There's no requirement to draw him fullbody, so a headshot would be fine ^^
RamenNoodleFerret's avatar
Oh goodness Sever is gorgeous
Ask-Splash-Sparkz's avatar
((Why are NPCs always so complex...
Is it possible for me to get Sever's flats?

Edit: Nevermind... I'm done... But an unshaded link would be nice for others who may struggle with the colours...))
SarahJaneMatthee's avatar
Hey nestly.deviantart.com/, Nymble has the double dew claws upgrade, does that mean he has Imp blood?
If so it would explain why he is good at magic seeing as Imps are naturally good with magic.
So one of his parent must have been an Imp...
DonutDoxie's avatar
if you do the prompt now can you give the upgrades to your wyngling when they grow up?
Nestly's avatar
The upgrades do not rely on your completion of this prompt. They are just in general new upgrades!
Cinderdraco's avatar
Can these upgrades be given to wynglings?
tsand106's avatar
No, these are adult only upgrades
Cinderdraco's avatar
Firekitty8's avatar
horseg27's avatar
Congrats on the new imp eggy Knux!
SnowyFool's avatar
Are the imp upgrades limited time only?
Sandew's avatar
WOOO KNUX!!! New Noodle baby!!!
LadyKrisis's avatar
Look how fancy! Sever is gorgeous. c;  Congratulations, Knux! Your hard work is realized and appreciated <3 
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