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This event is now CLOSED, but Wyngro are still free to create! Just click the button below!

Put your fingers in the air by DroneguardWYNGRO EARLY BIRD EVENT Put your fingers in the air by Droneguard

Finally, the Wyngro are open to be created! :D
In order to celebrate, we are opening an early bird event to reward the first people to create one!

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioYour early-bird Wyngro can have Heterochromia! (Two different colored pupils!)
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioIf you do not wish to use this on your first Wyngro, you don't have to! You can either reserve this feature for a different Wyngro down the road, or give it to your Wyngro LATER! (But may only use it on one Wyngro)

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioThis upgrade is not even available at the moment, (and when it is available, it will be on the more difficult side to achieve!)

You will also receive this sticker that will only be available during this one event:

Stickers act as achievements, badges, trophies etc. for completing certain things in the Wyngro community.
You can add them to reference sheets and such to show off!

How do you get it??

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario1.) Tag at least 3 people in the comments section that you think would be interested in the species! You can post a journal instead if you'd prefer, but I think tagging people is more personal, since most people tend to ignore journals. ;) (How to tag people? Type :devUSERNAME: Or @USERNAME! ) Let's get the word out and build a community!
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario2.) Make a Wyngro and get it approved!
(You don't have to advertise in order to make a Wyngro, but if you want the two colored eye feature you do!)

How do you make a Wyngro? Click this guide here to find out!

Remember that you must create your own pose/art for your new Wyngro. (No tracing bases etc.) I want to see your own style for these guys!
(You can have a Wyngro filed in with my template in the guide, as long as you have your own art in it as well! Check the base files out below if you'd like!
WYNGLING BASES (PSD. Files) by Nestly

(This event will end in 6 days! Your deadline is Tuesday, August 4th, at 10pm Central Time!)

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Since i advertised, do i still get the two colored eyes from ym Wyngrew? I just haven't had time to draw her out- If not thats fine xP