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Remember that in order to give your Wyngro a certain upgrade, you must have the set amount of coins BEFORE you draw that upgrade.
If there are Additional Requirements:, make sure the Wyngro you want the upgrade for follows these guidelines.
If you see something you are confused about, feel free to ask!
If you have a suggestion for an upgrade, feel free to comment as well!
[CLICK HERE] to learn how to use wyns!

PLEASE NOTE: Please follow the image guides as closely as possible! If you break an upgrade rule, your image will NOT count towards coins until edits are made!! (If you are unsure if something is acceptable, feel free to ask!)

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I have some ideas for updates.
I was thinking of a tail like tentacle of octopus
and eyes like Hypnotic Swirl!
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Can you have mulitple markings without getting unlimited markings?
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You need unlimited markings to get more than one type of marking! Otherwise the only way to get it is to get a Novo potion that grants an additional marking to an adult.
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Gameztar's avatar
I have a question about Markings, do you choose the placements?
Hylian-Rinku's avatar
You choose where you place markings, but markings cannot overlap to create new markings :)
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I have a small question (if you don't mind)
When it comes to the baby/wing upgrades, am I allowed to have small baby arm wings, but "adult" (Full grown feathered wings) on the same Wyngro? Or are only one pair allowed at a time on a Wyngro? I haven't seen any rule, or really haven't properly searched, that says I can or can't do this.
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Wyngrew can have both tiny arm wings and back wings. 
Once they're old enough you can grow one of them but keep the tiny version of the other one.

So you could have a Wyngro with tiny arm wings and full grown back wings etc. 
Gay-Seagulls's avatar
Thank you so much for the response~! I was thinking of a cool idea for what I wanted my Wyngro to look like in the future, and this was a question I had on my mind for awhile. Thanks for the help.
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ah darn good to know though
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It says coins, not wyns btw.
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Hey there... my phone isn't showing the wyngro upgrade page properly and I can't see the requirements for most ...so if I may..may I ask what the requirements are for :

Shark teeth
Dorsal fin
Cheek spikes
Peg ears

Sorry that this is probably a pain...but thank you for any help!

Rosedraq's avatar
For the YCH requirements. ..does that mean winning or participating ( YCH means 'your character here ' right? )
knux33's avatar
You would need to win one~

This folder has all the examples of past YCH upgrades given so far! wyngro.deviantart.com/gallery/…
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can an adult obtain the baby upgrades..? i know the tiny horn is an exception though
knux33's avatar
Yes! An adult can earn all the baby upgrades except for Tiny Horn ^w^
Scientific-Lychee's avatar
ahhhh thank you for answering! ;w; 
i'm planning to add the butt fluff for Yani, so that's why i ask that question haha
knux33's avatar
You're very welcome!
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Stripes upgrade???? Maybe?
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