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Posting an Offer:

Bullet; Black   You may only post trades for the following: Shop items, eggs, pets & un-approved wyngling designs. 
    -  Do not make a post offering to trade novas. Novas may be used as offers, but not as a new post. 

Bullet; Black   Completely and clearly fill out the Trading Post Form below when making your post. 
    -  If you do not follow the trading post format, your comment will be deleted!
    -  If you need an inventory check you may note the group for a list of your current items.

Bullet; Black   Please do not re-post your offer until two weeks have past since the offer's initial posting. 
  -  Please note the group to 'close' your trades before re-posting to limit repeat posts on the Journal.
    - Private trades are exempt from this rule in order to ensure trading protection.

Bullet; Black   Do not comment on CLOSED trades! 
    What counts as a "closed trade?"  Check the section titled "Trading Post Form"

Bullet; Black  You may NOT offer points/money. Wyngro items can never be sold for money/points!

Bullet; Black   Please post one "item" at a time. (Do not post trades containing multiple things)
    - Example: Do not post a trade for an egg and an upgrade marble together. You'd need to make two separate posts: one for the egg, and one for the marble. 

Bullet; Black   Do NOT post private trades with the intention of gifting to someone else. 
    -  As this can clog up the trading post, please instead note the group to gift items/pets!" 

Replying to Offers:
Bullet; Black   Respect the sellers choice.  
    -  If the seller gets multiple offers for their Item, it’s their choice who they want to trade with! Any badgering or complaining at (or about) a seller over their choices will result in an immediate warning and potentially complete banning from the Trading Post! This is a place of business and does not need overly negative responses to trades, you will be warned.

Bullet; Black   Do not reply to trades if you do not have what the seller is looking for!
    -  This would be like walking into a McDonalds and asking to trade a goat for a hamburger when they only accept money as a form of payment! It just wastes your time, and the seller's!
    -  This includes promises of purchasing the items to then trade or offering before purchases have been confirmed. Please make sure you officially have the items first before offering.

Bullet; Black   Please do not make comments geared for conversation or congratulations!
    -  This includes "I hope they enjoy their new home, etc" comments-- this is a place of business, not a chat room! (You're free to congratulate people on our Discord, however. That is, in fact, a chatroom!)

Bullet; Black   Art is NOT an allowable form of payment. 
    - We used to allow art as a form of payment, but due to people getting scammed out of items and never receiving art sometimes, this is something we no longer allow on the TP, due to the transfer of art commissions being out of our hands. You may still gift each other items under the pretence of getting art later, but we discourage this, as there is no way to protect yourself if the art is never received. Instead, please use Paypal for art commissions!

Bullet; Black   You may NOT offer points/money.   
    -  Wyngro items can never be sold for money/points!

Completing and Closing Trades:

Bullet; Black   Finally, settled on a trade offer?  Wonderful!  
To make the trade official the initial poster of the offered goods must note the group with the link to the comment chain.  This will act as proof.  Once the admin looks over the trade details (and make sure everyone has the items they say they have) they will confirm the trade and finalise the transfer of items.

Bullet; Black   If you decide to close your trade prematurely, please note the group with a link to your comment chain.

Bullet; Black   Do not hide your comments pertaining to fulfilled trade agreements!
Keeping transaction history and proof of agreement available for all to see is very important!

Tradable Items:

Bullet; Black   Pets (Runeboos, Coatalas, etc)

Bullet; Black   Shop Items (Upgrade Gems, Scholarship Tickets, etc)
  **Please see specific conditions for Custom Wyngling Tickets tickets below**

Bullet; Black   Custom Wyngling Tickets
    - Only tickets purchased through the shop 2018 and onwards are tradable.
    - You may only trade tickets that have not yet been applied to your total slots. 

Bullet; Black   Unhatched Wyngrew Eggs (NOT planned eggs!)
    -  Only Unhatched Eggs can be traded! Once an egg is hatched (aka: Designed and Approved in the Approved Wynglings Folder) it cannot be traded in this manner!

Bullet; Black   Donated Designs 
    -  Once the Donated Design has been drawn and approved into the group it is no longer tradeable.

Bullet; Black   Novas  
    - May be offered on trades for other items, but not listed in its own trade form.

Non-Tradable Items:

Bullet; Black   Beebs 

Trading Post Form:

Item for Trade: 
Item(s)/Payment Sought:
Additional Information:

Type: [public/private (username)]
    - Public - This allows anyone to offer on your post. 
    - Private: (username) - This option allows you to trade an item to a specific member!  Please make sure to add their name in the (username) section so that we know exactly who you want to trade to.  Any other members that offer on Private trades that aren't tagged will result with their comments hidden.  You will still need to note the group once the trade has been confirmed by the other member.
        Note: For a private trade both members must offer items; trading for [art] or [nothing] will not be accepted.  If you wish to gift a member an item you must note the group.

Item(s) for Trade:
    -  What are you offering?
    - Please, ONE type of item per comment (Make multiple comments for different trades!)

Item(s)/Payment Sought:
    -  What are you looking for? A specific shop item? Novas? A bred Egg? Art is NOT allowed as a form of payment!

Additional Information:
    -  Feel free to add additional information here! This does not need to be added to your form. 

Egg Form:

Egg #:
Link to the template image (given by staff): 
List all Upgrades egg was rolled with:
Magic (if rolled with any):
Date Egg Can Hatch:

Item(s)/Payment Sought:
Additional Information:

If you need a field explained further, check the "Trading Post Form" section above.


    -  Offering to "buy items from the shop" is not acceptable. Only offer if you currently have the items. Please make sure your purchases have been approved and logged BEFORE you offer as well! 

    -  Saying "I'm planning to breed ____ & ____ wyngro and I can offer the egg" is NOT acceptable and any deals you make outside of the trading post are 100% your responsibility.
:X:    DO NOT offer the same item on multiple trades to see who bites. 
    -  Likewise, DO NOT offer an item you currently have up for trade WITHOUT first closing the trade. (Note the group)

:X:    Be considerate and do not try and scam people here. 
    -  Asking for things way out of their value, etc) It's unfair and you will only make yourself look bad. 

Trading Post F.A.Q.

Question mark Question: I bought a Custom Wyngling Ticket for myself but never used it; can I trade it?
Exclamation mark Icon ultramini Answer: Only if you have not applied it to your account yet!  Custom Wyngling Tickets purchased after 4/24/18 do not automatically "stick" to your account allowing them to sit idly in your inventory.  So long as they have not been applied to your slot total, they are considered a full-fledged item and may be traded at any time!

Question mark Question: Can I trade away an approved wyngling/wyngro I no longer want?
Exclamation mark Icon ultramini Answer: Nope! This trading post is for items, unhatched eggs, and pets only! If you no longer feel a connection with a character, you’re always able to give them to the group to be rehomed once they’re three months of age:…

Question mark Question: Can I stud out my Wyngro as a form of payment? *Knavish waggles his eyebrows*
Exclamation mark Icon ultramini Answer: Nope, this is a TRADING post, (not a whorehouse)! Due to the random nature of bred eggs, it is unfair to ask a seller to commit to something that may not turn out the way they want it to! So only actual-bred eggs with concrete colors and upgrades already assigned can be traded here!

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Type: Private (+EmikoYoshi)

Item for Trade: x1 Adoption Ticket

Item(s)/Payment Sought: x1 Gem

Additional Information: Thank you!! <3