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CURRENT STATUS: Toddler Wyngling

Wyn by WyngrewWyns: 246

Thistle has hatched! She can now be drawn within the community!

What is a "Community Gro" and how does this work?

Thistle was born from two NPCs! Her name, sex, and magic were voted for by the community!
Going forward, Thistle will only be able to grow as the members draw and develop her! This means, that each time you draw her, you gain wyns for her! She has her own wyn count! Once Thistle gains enough wyns and meets requirements, she can earn certain upgrades! Once there are a handful of upgrades to pick from, we will add a poll for members choose which upgrade she gets, one at a time!

If you draw Thistle, please submit it to THIS FOLDER and comment below with a link to your deviation, or it will not count!
Our mods will continuously update this journal as new images are posted.

Q: Can I still count Wyns for myself when drawing Thistle?
A: Yes! Count your wyns normally!

Q: How should I portray Thistle as a character?
A: As Thistle grows, she will develop a personality! While you are welcome to come up with your own influences to how she should react, please read her bio above to get a general feel for her personality!

Q: Can my Wyngro be in a relationship with Thistle?
A: Just like all NPCs, your character can interact with and form friendships with them!


Name: Thistle
Sex: Female
Hatch Date: February 19th, 2017
Base & Eye Color: Zagor
MAGIC: ICE! (Her hands are cold to the touch!)


Arrow left by Drawn-MarioFluffy Limbs
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioTiny Wings
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioPure Paws
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioHair Tuft
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioCarnation Swirl Ears
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioFluffy Cheeks
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioFreckles

Current Form:

Bio: Thistle is now completely out of her mother's pouch and no longer nursing! She can also talk! (Although it's pretty gurgley baby talk and she mispronounces everything) Her personality is very outgoing and she's always wandering off and exploring. She loves visiting the Nook and getting into all sorts of trouble. Watch out for this little stinker! (We suspect she's taking after her dad just a bit)

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