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Russell: Howdy-do and welcome to Sheriff’s Office! It’s my duty to keep Wynsiph safe and patrolled at all times! Now I know there’s a lot that goes on in this town and I couldn’t possibly catch it all, so if you see anything fishy going on, be sure to let me know straight away!
If you’re unsure if a wyngro is doing something illegal, check to list of LAWS below!

REPORT USING THIS FORM HERE! <--Read the rules before reporting!

This is the place to be to report issues you see around the gallery! Things like people miscounting their wyns, drawing upgrades without earning them, forgetting magic glands and so on!
Check below to see the kinds of things you are able to report to help us out!

Wynsiph LAW:

Magic Glands Missing
See a drawing where someone forgot the magic glands completely? Send em’ in and we’ll give em’ a reminder!

Upgrade Issues
See someone using an upgrade that doesn’t exist or is blown out of proportion completely? Breaking an upgrade rule? Or maybe the person isn’t legally applying them?

Wyn Count Issue
Miscounting bonuses, reusing bases while counting wyns for it, counting multiple wyns for animations/crafts/etc.
Unofficial Wyngro Content
See anything uploaded with a human? Crazy sci-fi robots? Real life animals? A Wyngro using an iPhone or driving a car? Something that breaks the lore like that should be reported so we can remove it! Remember made-up creatures are fine, but anything taken from another fan-media or real life should not exist in Wynsiph.

If you see another member going around and mini-modding, please let us know! This should only be reported if someone has commented on a deviation with the sole intent of saying what was wrong, without giving any other feedback on the art itself. Things should also be reported if a member answers someone on a public wyngro space (like a journal or front page) with the wrong answer.

Hate Art/Comments
Anything distasteful or said to invoke drama, discomfort or hate. Basically, just report if you see another member being a jerk! (Only contained in the Wyngro community please)

If you see clearly traced or heavily referenced art that is not credited towards the original source, please report it and provide the original so we can compare and deal with it appropriately.

Rules for Reporting:

Please keep these things in mind so our moderators can keep on trucking with ease!

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Do not report independent magic pieces that you feel 'are not up to snuff'. This is for Wyngro staff to determine when the images are submitted to learn magic.
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario The Sheriff's Office is not for personal problems you may have with another user and/or their plots.

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioHowever, if you are having issues that are more detailed or involved, (such as drama, questions on how to deal with something, etc) You may note the group.
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioPlease DO NOT report a deviation that is older than 1 month!
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioIf you notice the same member having repeated mistakes, please only report the most recent mistake and not each deviation! (You can say in the additional notes that this is a repeated incident if you want!)
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioYou do not have to add your own username, but we appreciate recognizing those who are helping out! (So it’s only included to make you look helpful!)
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioPlease do not report anatomy issues, such as sloped back on quads and such.
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioIf reporting an upgrade issue, we advise to add in what the specific problem is in the extra section. While not required, it's incredibly helpful so that we can know immediately what may need to be fixed (as well as simply allowing us to see the issue more clearly, such as if it's small/hard to see).
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioPlease do NOT note the group to report things! Use this form instead!

Thank you for keeping our town clean! We appreciate any help as you wander through the group!

© 2017 - 2021 Wyngro
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Solsis-Zero-One's avatar

dangit dangit dangit dangit, i accidentally added my mp thing to the moth member folder someone herlp

CynthiaEvans's avatar
I turn myself in, I left a distasteful comment, thinking it was funny at the time :/ What do I do now >.< Should I delete it as to not cause more disturbance or would that count as hiding evidence ?
Nestly's avatar
You'll need to send a link if you want us to help you. 
CynthiaEvans's avatar
I left the comment under this picture a true highland beefcake

Again sorry for it, at the time I stupidly thought it would be seen as funny but I believe it made the artist uncomfortable and in hindsight understandably so.

Nestly's avatar
It's fine dude. Just try to read your comments back before you post them and ask yourself if they are tactful or not. 
If you don't know the person very well and what their humor is like, it's best that you just stick to being encouraging and using compliments only. 
CynthiaEvans's avatar
Should I delete the comment now ? I am just afraid that it will count as hiding evidence, or is it okay to delete after you saw it ?
Nestly's avatar
No just leave it and move on
beedweeb's avatar
here i am to turn myself in for adding the waggle tail upgrade onto one of my gro LONG before i had enough wyns;  Upgrades by CrocodileDandies  
on the topic of fixing this should i remove the images + wyns or remove them from the upgrade picture (crop them out) and attempt to edit the images where they have the upgrade?? or another solution?
Nestly's avatar
Do you have the right amount of wyns/requirements now?
beedweeb's avatar
im a ways away- I was gonna scrap it until then but i figured itd be smart to ask first
Nestly's avatar
Then you'll need to make sure all drawings portraying the tail do not count for wyns or any upgrade requirements, and that you don't draw that tail anymore. 
beedweeb's avatar
Alright!! Thank you for the quick response!
Nestly's avatar
No problamo! 
Seafoam-Cities's avatar
Im turning myself in. I was looking back at old wyngro drawings and realised theres an  oven here
Seafoam-Cities's avatar
Birdinator's avatar
Use the report system, don't comment about it here
1nktast1c's avatar
Isn't this the report system???
Birdinator's avatar
There is a link in the journal to a Google form for people to full out when reporting issues, so the report isnt publicly posted where everyone can see it 
1nktast1c's avatar
Ah! Sorry bout that! Must've missed it XD
espeonplays's avatar
I'm curious
how come you have to be 13+ to join Wyngro?
is it like a maturity thing?
xKireel's avatar
Well it's mostly us following DeviantArts ToS since you have to be 13+ to legally join this website as well~ 
cant paint, but denunciate others. Be ashamed of yourself you stupid Idiot
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