Magic Class #20 (Intermediate): Week 4

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Welcome to Week 4 of Magic Class #20! Please remember to carefully read and follow each prompt.

Ice Magic: Call Snow

Creating snow in the summer is very difficult, so today we’ll be indoors while Zagor makes it snow from the classroom! Mrs. Netty doesn’t want a mess, however, so you’ll be working together with another student to manipulate each tiny snowflake into the provided bowls around the room! (Avoid using your hands, ice magic only!) This is great practice to eventually create snow from scratch!

[Required to draw a wyngro in magic class NOT owned by you for this prompt!]

Water Magic: Walk on Water

This can be a bit of a challenge! Luckily, Zagor has glazed the surface with a thin layer of ice! Students will be lined up along the shore onto the ice. As it melts beneath your feet, you’ll need to keep the water pushed up against them in order to prevent yourself from falling in! How many times does your wyngro get dunked before they can stay on the surface for a few seconds?

Wind Magic: Purify Air

Netty has lit some candles and placed them inside of glass globes. Your task for this week is to concentrate, trying to detect the carbon monoxide created from the candle. You’ll be attempting to pull it out of the opening in the globe fast enough so that the candle doesn’t get snuffed out!

Homework Due Date: May 25th @ 4 PM CST (one week from now! Timer on the front page!)

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario All art for Homework prompts MUST BE COMPLETE WORK! No exceptions. Sketches and lineart will not pass a week!
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Collabs are not void from this rule. If you collab with another artist, each artist still needs to submit one drawing each!
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Magic class prompts must be polished pieces or else they will fail the class! (Mods will try to warn you as they see art that won't pass, but do not rely on this) Remember to manage your time carefully and be sure to use the Polished Pieces Guide to help you out!
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioSubmit your completed homework to Magic Artwork Gallery Folder!
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Please also be sure to COMMENT ON THIS JOURNAL with a link to your magic homework! Your comment will be featured if your piece passes. If not, a mod will let you know!

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Ice WK4 - Need Aim

I am so confused by Eclipse lol

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