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Where do we get wynglings approved now?

Wyngro now mandates the use of Discord! Please click the button below to join us there! 

Check the channel #MYO_Approvals and read the pins to know how to get your wyngling approved! 

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It Says That Both Invites Are Invalid?

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when i click the discord thing it says invite invalid so i dont know what to do... is there another way to get into the discord?

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thank you but when i click the link it says "no text channels" and i dont understand....

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Hmmm, I'm not sure! I'd try different browsers, make sure you have an account already, and make sure nothing on your computer is blocking Discord.

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i have an account and the only thing i would of thought would be blocking it is my anti virus software.

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Can you accept it here instead of discord?

Wyngro submission
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I'm afraid not! Discord is required for wyngling approvals (and most other of our group functions).

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Welp I guess I cant join :( :(

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this sucks i cant get it no matter what i do my computer was blocked off from discord ack oh well i guess

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Awwwww Im not old enough for discord and I don’t wanna get your server shut down ;-; I’ll just wait longer I guess

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what if I....dont have a discord account and im like not allowed to make an account there

but I remember this journal being like "if your wyngrew is drewn wrong the mods will tell you how to fix it"

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Unfortunately, we've moved half our systems to Discord, so it is 100% needed to play in Wyngro. If you haven't used Discord before, it's incredibly easy, secure, and intuitive. You don't even need to download it if you don't want! (Can be browser based!)

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Hi it says that I'm unable to join the server what should I do?

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This journal is closed until further notice. Please check our official Discord for more information!

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Ohoho, What a fun manorling! Looking good!

These don't need to be edited here, but make sure the legs stay nice and stubby! They're just a tad too long here. The eyebrow is a bit small as well, so just make it a bit bigger in the future!

You're all good to go. Approved!

Wyngro Sticker - Gold Star Approval
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Will do! And Thanks so much mate! <3

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Ballard looks great! He's going to make quite the splash, I'm sure.

All good and approved!

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Thank you so much! (Again haha!)

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