Lumibug Holiday Event [CLOSED]

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By Nestly
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During the months of cold and snow,
a strange little critter began to show.
With their tails all aglow, fluttering slow,
taking shelter in trees where they could lie low.
Lumibugs! Or so they were named,
and Wyngrew found out that these bugs could be tamed.
They loved all the colorful glowing lights,
bringing a cold holiday to new heights.
So they hung fruits and sweets, upon branches of trees,
Hoping to save them from the cold winter breeze.
The Lumibugs loved all the sweet treats that were hung,
They stayed through the winter, to the branches they clung.
Trees gleamed with warmth, from the blaze of the bugs,
Wyngrew were grateful, trading gifts and giving hugs.
The holiday spirit would grow and would grow,
All thanks to the Lumibugs glow~

What are Lumibugs?

Lumibugs are considered to be lucky, and therefore it is unlucky to purposefully harm one.
The relationship between Wyngrew and Lumibugs is thought to have begun when during cold winter months, Wyngrew bringing in firewood or evergreen boughs for decoration would discover the bugs among the branches or under the bark where they had been taking refuge. Like many insects that live longer than a year, they overwinter by finding places to hibernate where they will be safe from frost.

Wyngrew homes would be almost ideal as they stay warm througout the winter, but if the bugs do not get cold enough to hibernate they require food and water. Winter can be a hard time for everyone, and as the lumibugs are considered charming and good luck, some Wyngrew took to bringing in evergreen branches or even small trees to their homes, and decorate them with hanging fruit to provide a comfortable environment for them. In return they enjoyed the beauty of the happy lumibugs' colorful twinkling lights warming their winter homes.

Additionally, the lumibugs' good fortune was thought to protect the family living in the home as well, although being able to provide for the tiny guests is a good sign that the family hosting them is doing well.
Curiously, lumibugs who spend a lot of time around Wyngrew live longer than ones in the wild.

The idea that lumibugs are lucky may be even older still, however. Folk tales going way back beyond memory state that watching their colorful light displays in the spring and summer will increase one's chances of finding true love, or strengthen the bonds of couples who watch them. Watching a lumibug light dance is still considered romantic to this day.

Lumibugs are a closed species created by Feligriffin and you can find out more about them through the Guide Below!

Lumibug species sheet by Feligriffin

How do I enter the Event?

This event is simple and basically acts as a fancy weekly Prompt with prizes!

Draw your Wyngro interacting in the Lumibug spirit!
They can be glowing in a tree, fluttering around your Wyngro, or maybe your Wyngro is afraid of them? Be creative!
And for something different-- you MUST add some sort of background to your entry this time! - doesn't have to be fancy. Just do your best. :3

Once your entry is submitted to our “Lumibug Event” folder, you may give ONE of your Wyngrew ONE of the following upgrades for FREE!

:bulletblack:Lumibug Antenna - Little moth-like antenna! These are placed above your Wyngro's eyebrows. (Or can peek out from hair)

How to obtain: EVENT ONLY

:bulletblack:Glowing eyes/pupils Your Wyngro's eyes may glow brightly in the dark or at will!

Coins needed: 115
Additional Requirements: 6 Months Age & Make some sort of glowing animation with your Wyngro! (Can include this glowing eye upgrade)

:bulletblack:Fluff Tail Feeling a bit wolf-like maybe?

Coins needed: 55
Additional Requirements: 2 months Age

:bulletblack:Curled Fluff Tail PUPPYYYYYYYY

Coins needed: --
Additional Requirements: YCH Auction

Everyone also gets this special sticker!

Wyngro Sticker - Lumibug Event by Wyngrew

When does the event end?

This event will conclude once the New Year begins, so make sure to have any participating drawings in before then!

We hope that all members are having a lovely holiday to those celebrating, and we hope you enjoy this event!

© 2015 - 2020 Wyngro
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StormBrewing's avatar
Will this Event return?
Nestly's avatar
It will be revisited next Christmas, if tweaked a bit! :D
rabbitoes's avatar
AHHHHHH I was kinda busy this past week. Is it possible to get an extension? I made a sketch for this but didn't... finish.... and that sticker............. is so good that I want it..................
Nestly's avatar
Hahahah I did forget to close the journal and gallery-- so if you get it in soonish then sure thing. :]
(Thanks for the reminder though I am going to close the journal now. xD)
Ask-Splash-Sparkz's avatar
((So... Since my drawing was of Pebs does that mean I have to give her the upgrade? If I can give it to one of my other two then I'm torn between the regular fluff tail and the glowing eyes...))
Nestly's avatar
Hahah yes it can be to any of your Wyngrew. ;3
Ask-Splash-Sparkz's avatar
((Okey doke. ^u^ Thanks.))
NeoChaoticProxy's avatar
I hate mobile DA, it never tells me when this things happen ;-;

Is it alright if I post my prompt via crappy phone camera and scan it later? I'm with my relatives for a week and they don't have scanners
Nestly's avatar
That is perfectly fine! :]
galacticpink's avatar
Question! If we participate, can we hoard our free upgrade for future use?
Nestly's avatar
Yep! You can use it at any time. :3
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*sees the Lumibugs and immediate thought is that Letty would eat them*
*reads on*
o h....
*shifty eyes*

oh, so... even the YCH tail and all these are free for this limited time thru participation... i only say this cuz for a second i thought all the upgrades would be event only. but, i see. they're gonna be available later on thru the means described. except the antennae
Nestly's avatar
*laughs ass off* NO LETTY NOOOOOOO. x'D

Yep you are correct! The Curled Fluff Tail is another "hard to get" upgrade as well. But the antennas are the only one exclusive to this event.
zetina's avatar
someone should probably stop her

ugh, curly tails are so cute ♥
Nestly's avatar
Now I'm imagining a picture of her going on a rampage trying to catch/eat one and several Wyngrew chasing after her. x'D

Husky tails!
zetina's avatar
that's certainly an idea o:
galacticpink's avatar
...could I have your permission to draw my Wyngro tackling her away from eating one. XD
zetina's avatar
yes xD (i'll use yours in mine too, then)
Mini-Prince-Cutie's avatar
Two questions so everyone is a winner? and second how can we get a Lumibug?
Nestly's avatar
Sure, everyone's a winner! This is not a contest! Just a fancy prompt with rewards.
You may be able to get a Lumibug later as a pet for your Wyngro! But pets are not open right now.
Make sure to follow Feligriffin as she is the owner of the species and will be doing adopts of them.
Mini-Prince-Cutie's avatar
Awesome!!! Thank you so much!
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omg What cute little buggies! ;v; I am so conflicted on which upgrade and for who, though!
Nestly's avatar
Glad you like them!
And you can always submit something and decide later one! No rush! :]
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