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EDIT May 19th 2020: Currently SEEKING new Wyngro staff!

We're in need of some new blood! Please fill out the app and send it to our staff discord via discord! Please note that the forms HAVE CHANGED! If you have already submitted one, feel free to revise it or send a new one! (We look at them all, even if we don't respond to them!)

I want to be a bit more open this round and let ya'll know what I'm looking for, and how to make a good app! That way you're not trying to read my mind and guess what I'm looking for. Let's all be open and honest here! No secrets!

What I'm looking for: I'm currently looking for people to help with APPROVALS (both MYO/bred & adult) This requires being able to type out messages for people trying to get their gros approved. We are also looking for people to help with the SHERIFF'S OFFICE. Knowing your upgrade requirements inside and out helps a lot for this, but you don't have to have everything memorized, so don't worry too much if you think you're rusty. (Even I have to double check on requirements like... every time)

I am also looking for potential artists to make STICKER art! I fucking hate doing those goddamn stickers all the time, so if you want to throw me some examples of custom stickers to really make your app sparkle, please fee free!

If you enjoy wyngro, want to get to know the rest of the staff, help out, and perhaps even learn some cool tricks, then please apply! Don't be intimidated!
I require voice chats to interview, so please keep that in mind as well. You are all also always welcome to DM me with questions or advice if you need it. Open door policy as always! Thanks guys!

APPLICATION: Please copy the form exactly as you see here as a DM to our Discord account: Wyngro Staff#2252
Please format it so there is a break between the questions and your answers! Thank you!

Don't have Discord?
Discord is needed to be on staff. It's easy to use. Check out our guide here!

What if I submitted an app through SurveyMonkey before? Should I resubmit?
YES PLEASE! SurveyMokey was a dick, so we've moved all Apprentice applications to Discord!

**Link to your Deviantart Profile:**

**Name/what you want to be called: (Please just give us one name/nickname):**

**Age & Gender:**

**Country & timezone:**

**Job experience:**

**Availability: When are you generally around? How much time can you commit?**

**Describe how you like to work. Do you prefer working alongside others in a social setting, or prefer to be given a task and focusing on just that?**

**Tell us what aspects of Wyngro you'd enjoy helping with!**

**Find a Wyngro drawing in the group that could use a mod message and why:**

**Sell yourself: Why would you make a great addition to our team?**

Please DO NOT comment your app below or note the group if you've filled one out!

About the job:

First and foremost, I want it to be clear that Wyngro is purely a volunteer job. Although bonuses are not uncommon, they cannot be expected and are purely given out as a thank you reward periodically.

It is also to be expected that all work you provide while volunteering can and may be used for group purposes, including but not limited to: Website uses, official displays, adopts for selling/contests, lore, etc. These stay in place during or after you decide to leave or have been removed from staff. These resources are not always credited to you and linked back as the artist in every instance they appear.

Apprentice Role:

Before becoming a Helper, new staff member must work under the "Apprentice" role for at least 1 month before we assess if you are ready for the Helper position.
We look for an understanding in activity and being able to word things well while speaking to the members as a moderator.

After 1 month, we may either ask you to stay on as an apprentice for longer, move up to a helper, or go back to a member if things aren't meshing well.

When you start, you will dive right into approvals & moderation, and once you're feeling comfortable with those, we may ask you to help with other things! Likewise, once you've been sticking with us for at least a month, you are welcome to offer other things that you may want to contribute.

What we expect:

There are several rules to note if coming on Wyngro staff. The most important thing that I personally look for, beyond anything else, is a "Good, positive attitude". For this reason, I will specifically dismiss any applications received if a member has been known to be especially troublesome or cause drama in the past. (No matter how good the application is!)
Likewise, if you have shown yourself to be an active, supportive, and otherwise positive member around the group or Discord server, your odds for being picked will FLY up as well!

Wyngro is a popular group with a lot of active members, and because of its original "open to all" nature, we have many, very young and inexperienced members who can and will break rules, have attitudes, throw fits, get upset over the rules, etc. etc.

As such, it can be difficult for a person who may be very sensitive in dealing with these kinds of situations. I find this group will really build your skills on speaking positively, working out problems with people, and overall professionalism! However, it is not a job for sensitive people who may be easily offended or made upset.

Communication and Tact

The second thing I look for in a mod is being able to communicate clearly and efficiently. I cannot help you if you do not talk to me about an issue, a suggestion, or a question! So while I do not ask my staff to be able to be active every day, or participate in every project, I do expect clear answers and clear communication. If you say you will do something, I except you to do it, or communicate that you can't. While everyone gets forgetful, (myself included!) I expect all members of Helpers & staff to fulfill the duties they take on and stay in touch. If you have a problem, no matter how small, I also expect people to let me know! As I cannot read people's minds or pick up vague tones over text.

We are also all a TEAM! Nothing in Wyngro is done solo. We all share jobs and help out when one person is unable to. It is my job to delegate jobs in this way as I see fit on any given basis, so you will be expected work with everyone!

Availability to voice chat is a MUST!

Because the group has gotten bigger, so has our staff! It's difficult to manage such a large amount of people from all over the world, but one of the ways I've learned to keep communication with everyone is to be able to speak with them in voice. Things get lost in translation sometimes via text, so I find it very important to talk one-on-one with a staff member if needed. We also do group voice chat meetings at times!

You do not need to be available for voice chat parties all the time, but I do one-on-one voice chats with people periodically to check in. This is not something that is optional. If I ask to speak with you over voice, this needs to be something you can be comfortable with at most given times. That being said, I know I seem scary, but I'm really friendly and am easy to talk with, so please don't get nervous-- I love to chat away and get to know people!

Helper Perks:

- 1 slot in every basic magic class
- 1 upgrade marble
- Able to purchase YCH upgrades once a year for the price of $80
- Able to claim 1 Donated Design OR Pet Design before they are posted. (ONCE per year) Still need to be paid for.
- Doing approvals & moderation earns tallies that get converted into novas!
- Access to Patreon Wyngro server. (Where you can participate in Patreon Prompts & Beeb / Potion games even if you are not a patron)

What can I do to make myself have a good reputation for becoming a Helper?

Honestly, the best way to make yourself stand out is to jump onto voice chats in our Discord server when I'm in there (Nestly), and just introduce yourself and let me get to know you better. Like with any job, recruiters like to feel comfortable knowing the kind of person they hire before they hire them. It just makes it a lot easier to pick someone that I know I'll get along with!

Other than that, just work on having a strong presence in the community! Avoid arguing with moderators and causing drama. Use your words carefully in public spaces, and be positive and supportive. Snide, sarcastic remarks are greatly noticed by myself and staff. Just be the best version of yourself you can be!

Will I hear back if I was not chosen?

Because of the amount of applications we receive when these open, we cannot respond to all with reasons why you were not picked. Some apps are perfectly fine, and there just may have been better applicants at this time, but not being picked has absolutely no negative implications!

What if I have already sent an older application in?

Because we have revamped the process a bit with this new application, it will be best to fill out this new one and send it in if you want to apply!

What if I don't want to be a moderator, but want to help with art?

Then hop on over here to apply as a Guest Artist! [APPLY TO BE A GUEST ARTIST HERE]

Why do I have to critique a piece of art for this application? Even if I'm not applying as an artist?

Because ALL staff members need to have an EYE for art, even if they don't have a hand in it. Half the job is judging and critiquing art, so you'll need to have some basic fundamentals in knowing that for the job! Even if you don't think you'd be good at it, give it a try! We're willing to help teach you as you go. :]

Thank you everyone. We look forward from hearing from you!

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Can i get the Discord chat sent to me? I don't seem to be part of the group for some reason.
And i couldn't send the account above a message without being in the group so i  believe i need to rejoin the Wyngro server.